Epilogue - Part 1

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Epilogue - Part 1

I was always fucking late.

It didn't matter if I was meeting someone for coffee or showing up for a family dinner, I was never punctual about it.

I take after my mom in that aspect. My mom was always notoriously late as well.

And there's no rhyme or reason for it. It's not like I'm doing anything that requires my utmost attention. I just can't be on time, it's as though I have some sort of complex.

And that included going over to Parker and Emily's place in order to prepare for their new baby.

I was currently seated in my paint shed, my half-finished piece in front of me as red paint dripped onto my jeans.

If I left now I'd only be half an hour or so late.

But I was already going to be late. And this piece was so enticing, the color scheme was drawing me in and it practically begged to be finished.

What's another hour right?

And then the shrill ring of my cell phone cut that idea off.

I checked to see that it was Parker. Probably calling to make sure that I wasn't going to be any later than I already was.

I let his call ring through to voicemail, dropping my paintbrush with a sigh.

They owed me big time for this.

I headed back to my apartment and changed before going over to Parker and Emily's place, the swarm of paparazzi deterring my entrance for a brief moment before I was able to park in their garage.

As an artist who never went to college, my income was close to nothing at this point in my life. I lived in an apartment on the outskirts of town, renting out a paint shed to produce and store my work.

And then there was my brother.

Parker played for the Orlando City professional soccer team here in Florida, and Emily owned a nation-wide successful makeup company. Together they'd done quite well, which leads to this multi-car garage I'd currently parked in, next to Parker's Ferrari and Emily's Porsche.

Fucking rich people.

I let myself inside their house, calling out my presence as I did so.

"Lee!" Emily's voice called from somewhere in the back.

"That is my name," I agreed, dropping my keys on the kitchen table before opening their refrigerator and retrieving a bottle of water.

I turned to see Emily coming into the kitchen, her stomach leading her.

"Look at that full-grown baby," I commented, with a half-smile.

"Isn't she a beauty?"

"I suppose. I haven't really seen her, so I can't make that assumption."

"She's my offspring, it shouldn't real be rocket science for you."

I chuckled, tipping back some water. "And my brother," I reminded her. "Unfortunate for you." I glanced past her. "Speaking of my offspring, where is he?"

"He ran to the store to get some food. I hope you like sushi?"

"Pregnant people aren't supposed to eat raw fish Emily."

"California rolls Lee, don't ruin my one piece of happiness."

"If that's the last piece of happiness you're clinging to then you have a long life ahead of you," I warned, causing Emily to lower her eyes at me.

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