Chap. 10

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I was able to repress my hyperventilating to just unsteady breathing, my jaw still chattering.

We swung into Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Emmett parked in the first parking spot available.

I immediately stumbled out of the car, my hands shaking.

Emmett had his phone to his ear as I followed him into the Emergency Room entrance.

"Yeah, okay, see you in a minute," Emmett said, hanging up. "Emily is going to-"

Emily came running up, throwing her arms around Emmett and sinking into his embrace.

"-meet us here," Emmett finished, instinctively wrapping his arms around Emily.

"Where is he?" I asked, my teeth still chattering.

Emily pulled away from Emmett, turning to face me as she wiped her mascara away. "I don't know," she said, sniffling. "When I got here they said he was in surgery, but I haven't gotten any updates and I'm not family."

But I am.

If I can get any sort of control over myself.

But that wasn't looking like that was going to happen any time soon.

"Lee," Emily said, causing my attention to snap back to her. "Lee honey are you okay?"

"Do not call me honey."

"You've been staring off into space for a couple of minutes," she said, still talking in that slow, therapist voice.

I numbly made my way over to the front desk, unsure if I could even speak at this point because my teeth were chattering so bad.

The lady behind the desk looked up at me as I approached.

"I-I-I'm here to check on the status of Parker Adams," I stated, wrapping my arms around myself.

She began to click around on her computer. "I'm sorry, family members only."

"He's my brother," I informed her. "My legal guardian."

She seemed a bit surprised by that information.

But who wouldn't be? I was practically 17 years old with a 19-year old as my guardian.

That's something you don't see every day.

"I'm going to need to see some ID."

Of fucking course I wouldn't have my wallet on me.

"I don't have my ID on me," I informed her.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I'm going to need to see it before I can release any information."

"Well I'm sorry that grabbing my ID wasn't the first thing on my to-do list when I learned that my brother had been in an accident," I snapped.

"Come on Lee," Emily said, quietly. "Let's go and wait in the waiting room."

I wanted to know about Parker.

I needed to.

But I followed Emily and Emmett back into the waiting room, joining a few of Parker's frat brothers.

They all greeted me as I took a seat next to Emily.

I just nodded in return, wishing for this nightmare to be over.

"What did they say he was in surgery for?" I asked Emily.

"They didn't," she said, looking over at me. "I just came running in here in a frenzied mess, as you can probably very well imagine, and they told me that Parker Adams was in surgery and I needed to take a seat. And that's all that I know."

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