One-Shot Contest Winner

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This is the one-shot that won the original one-shot contest that I ran. This was written by Wattpad user @ayesh243. This is not part of the story and/or affiliated with Jefferson Lake.

This story is set in an alternate timeline, that of which didn't happen in the original story.


Emmett's POV

"Don't die," Lee advised.

I snorted. "I'll try my best," I said, holding the phone between my ear and shoulder so I could lace up my cleats.

But I knew what he was implying, so I added, "I'll be fine."

There was some rustling on the other end, and then Parker's voice came over the line. "When does the game start?"

"An hour."

"Then why are you talking on the phone?" He sounded annoyed.

I chuckled. "Maybe I wanted to talk to you."

"You called Lee," said Parker, sounding unimpressed.

"You wouldn't have picked up your phone if I called you!" I protested.

"Get out there and win the game."


He hung up.

"Rude," I muttered, but put my phone away and stood up, motioning for my teammates to join me as I jogged onto the field for warm-ups.

College scouts were going to be all over this game; it was the final of the tournament. We had to win. We had to play well.

I had to play well.

My asthma hadn't really bothered me in the other games. I mean, I had to use my inhaler—a lot, but otherwise I was okay.

Ten minutes from game time, my coach called me over.

"This team is good," he informed me. "Really good. They're fast, they're smart, and they're not afraid to take risks. The game is going to be tough."

I nodded.

"If you even feel a little short of breath, tell me or I swear I'll punch you so hard your asthma will be the least of your problems."

I tried to suppress a smile. "Sure, Coach."

"I'm not kidding," he warned.

"Yeah," I said, jogging backwards. "I know."

He was so kidding.


I turned to run over to the referees.

"Winston," called Coach.

"Yeah?" I asked, glancing back at him.

"Don't lose."

"Wasn't planning on it."

Eighty minutes into the game, though, the score was 2-1 and we were losing. It really didn't help that I could barely breathe. But I didn't tell Coach; I couldn't stop playing. I didn't have much time left to get a scholarship and I had to use every minute given to me. Plus, it was the final. I was going to finish this game.

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