13 - Movies & Phone Calls

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Sophie's PoV:

Hours had miraculously passed by, and before we knew it, my stomach starts producing whale noises, otherwise known as *grumbling*.

My eyes widen at the rumbling that Dylan can absolutely hear. Heck, even people on the other end of the world wouldn't be able to miss that.

Dylan stares at my stomach with a raised eyebrow, and I can see him trying to hold his laughter in, clearly failing though.

He bursts out laughing and I nudge him with my elbow.
"Stop, it's not even that funny!" I try also keeping my features collected but damn it, his laugh is so contagious that I too start laughing.

Seconds pass by with us hunched over all the books and uncontrollably cracking up, all of a sudden, Dylan's stomach grumbles and that's what sends us over the edge.

I'm getting shortage of breath from the lack of oxygen, I force myself to stop and take a deep breath.

Looking over to my windowsill, I can't believe it's getting dark outside, how much time really pass since we had started?

His eyes follow mine, located towards the window and I get an idea.
"Come on, I'm ordering pizza, I'll set up some movies and we can finish the assignment later" I suggest.

"Sure, my brain is actually fried from all of this" He agrees.

My mouth spreads into a shy smile and I get up from the bed, with him on my trail, and make my way down the stairs into the living room.

"Hey, I was thinking maybe call the guys? Do you mind " He looks up from his phone waiting for my answer.

"Yeah, sure. No problem " I reply.

After a short while, We hear the bell ringing and Dylan says he's got it. He disappears towards the door while I call the pizzeria at the end of the block.

The once quiet house is filled with noises as 3 bulky guys walk inside.

Cole, being the loudest shouts "What's up", like an invisible soundproof glass is getting in the way between us.

Behind him, Alex & Scott walk in muttering "hey"s and they settle on the couch, trying to pick a movie.

I'm in the kitchen making popcorn when Dylan walks in. I look up "I'm making popcorn, and the pizza will be here in e 20" I tell him.

"Cool, the guys are still trying to pick something to watch" He sighs, "They haven't even settled on a genre yet" He says jokingly, rubbing his fake headache with his hands.

He leaves me alone in the kitchen finishing all snack arranging, and goes to the living room to check how close we've gotten to actually agreeing on one movie to start with.

After a few minutes, I take the tray in which has the popcorn bowl and other snacks atop, and head to the living room.

I place the tray on the table, spreading everything out, so that everyone can reach everything.

I turn around to take a seat and I take in the seating arrangements.
Scott and Alex are on the floor ahead of the Sofa, blankets and all.

The couch behind them, Cole is seated the further to the right, with Dylan on his left. Leaving me only one empty spot. The further left seat, which is right next to Dylan.

I quietly go take my seat, trying to make as little noise as I possibly can, so Alex doesn't murder me with a pillow for disturbing the movie.

In case you're wondering how I concluded that, he kept shushing me and throwing me glares whenever the plates clanked when I placed them on the table. He takes movie night seriously.

Once I settled down, my elbow and leg brush against Dylans. It's a subtle touch, though I can't help but feel like it ignited my whole body. Like it almost shot a wave of electricity jolting through my veins.

I decide to brush it off and keep my focus on the tv lying ahead of me.

In the middle of the movie Cole gets a call t then decides to leave. Not going to lie, I think it's shady as fuck. But it's non of my business anyway, so shut up stupid mind.

That leaves the four of us alone fending for ourselves watching the movie.
Dylan and I got the whole couch to ourselves now that Cole is gone, surprisingly he doesn't make an effort to move away from me in the slightest.

We binge watched three movies in a row and now we're on the forth. I can't help but feel my eyelids getting heavy. I hear shuffling noises and Alex and Scott stand up, gathering their belongings.

"Where're you going?" I ask in my sleepy voice, I notice Dylan eyeing me from my peripheral vision.

"It's late and we need to go" Scott says, picking his car keys from the table.

"Well, we had fun. Thanks for the hospitality Sophie" Alex says and I nod in appreciation.

After they leave, it strikes me that I'm left alone with Dylan.
It's just him and I, at night, in my house. My empty house, might I add.

I don't know why in particular, but the thought dizzies my brain.

"You're not leaving me finishing this on my own, right?" I ask him innocently.

The movie still has about an hour before it ends.

"I'm not leaving you alone. Where're your parents?" He asks seriously and it shocks me. My mouth becomes dry, unable to let out the words my brain hasn't even known.

"Umm, they're out of town." I reply in a small voice, looking down, not daring to look straight into his eyes.

His mouth opens up, about to throw a question, undoubtedly about my parents, at me, though it seems I'm saved by the bell. More correctly by his cellphone's ringtone.

He picks up his phone, pressing answer and lifts it to his ears.
I can hear muffled voices from the phone, but no clear words nonetheless.

He slides his hand through his hair frustratedly, sighing while speaking in a hushed voice.

Once he finishes the phone call, he comes back next to me.
There's something wrong.
Obviously, something's not right.

I look up at him through my lashes, with wide eyes conveying nothing but empathy and sincerity.

"What's wrong?" I ask.



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