7- Bullying & Fights

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Sophie's PoV:

Roaming the crowded halls of my busy school with one earphone in, while the other dangles from my side, I come to a halt when noticing a recurring scene taking place in front of my eyes.

Felix and Jack make it their favorite pass time harassing the poor, feeding on innocent souls that did nothing wrong but exist in the same bubble of a high school as them.

Turning the volume down, as I near the unfolding event, a quite loud sound of slamming metals echos off as I take notice of Felix shoving a freshman kid right into the lockers.

That looked and sounded like it hurt.

Shaking my head at the repulsive feeling, the rest of the students seem to enjoy watching the show from afar, everyone keeping a safe distance just in case a fight breaks out.

Last time I checked, this was still a high school, and not a zoo.

I contemplate interfering, trying to offer much needed assistance for the helpless kid who the jocks thought was the perfect punchbag for letting out their steam.

Maybe, I could help, instead of causing harm or having this whole thing fireback at me.

Taking slow hesitant steps in their direction, I gather my nerves that feel like twitching inside of my tense body.

This is wrong. I can stop this. I can be of help.

Before Jack's fist connects with the frightened prey glued to the lockers, my voice rushes off.

"You don't need to do this" I say and the jocks scrunch their noses in confusion, while others are finding this melodramatically entertaining for sure.

My ears catch a few whispers here and their, nevertheless, other than that the halls are deadbeat silent.

"Look who decides to save the day. Nerdy here thought that if we don't mess with her for a day or two it actually means something" Ryan, another jock says to his friends laughing.

"Do you really run on that much of a low self esteem, and so many insecurities that you really need to punch a kid now and then just to feel the sense of power?"

I retort and they seem taken aback of my audacity to dare them right to their faces without showcasing fear.

In all honesty, my heart was beating loudly on my ribcage, steadily sending vibrations throughout my whole body.

They now all turn to me, as if assessing this new posing threat to their kingdom reign. In my school, whatever the jocks do; people look the other way.

The administration just brushes it off, claiming that its glazing football stars need to take off some of the sports tension from their bodies, and what better puppets to use other than fellow students here.

Felix takes a long stride, so now he's standing right in front of me, amusement glinting in his eyes.

"That pretty mouth of yours won't be able to spit words out after my fist connects with it, if you don't stop running it" He threatens in all seriousness, I gulp upon hearing his words, but remain my eyes fixed on his big blue ones in defiance.

He takes a small step that leaves little to no distance between us, and now he's intimidatingly standing in my personal space; too close for my liking.

He expected me to cower at his action, but to his shock, I stand my ground and don't allow myself to step away.

It's a little too late to turn back and mind your own business now.

"Is violence the only coping mechanism you know?" I ask nonchalantly, with eyebrows raised in expectancy.

"Because if so, you clearly need help. I suggest some psychological therapy. It may seem useless at first but believe me it does wonders" I advise in all seriousness.

If these guys think that the only way of dealing with every problem coming their way is by punching someone, they've got a thing coming their way.

Sorry to disappoint boys, but that's not how the real world works.

The crowd around us bursts in fits of laughter after hearing my heartfelt recommendation, and that gets Felix somehow more riled up.

He raises his hand too quickly, wanting to shove me, or punch me I guess -I can't really tell in the spur of the moment- but he disappears from my face before he gets the chance to do anything.

In a complete haze, a shouting is heard "What the fuck is wrong with you? First, you punched that innocent kid and now aiming your fist at her too? And for what, for doing the right thing and standing up to bullies like you?"

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In a complete haze, a shouting is heard "What the fuck is wrong with you? First, you punched that innocent kid and now aiming your fist at her too? And for what, for doing the right thing and standing up to bullies like you?"

Dylan Thirwall is the last person I expected to come to my rescue, nonetheless I can't say I'm not grateful for preventing Felix from actually hitting me.

"What the fuck dude? Mind your own business" He spits to Dylan, while he shifts his eyes to mine, signaling that this also was meant for me.

"As long as you mind your own fucking business, without anybody having to be your personal boxing-bag, I mind my own fucking business" Dylan retorts.

"Whatever you say dude. Just let me get out of here, I've got places to be" Felix finishes and the whole football team trails after him like lost puppies.

A hand is placed on my shoulder "Are you alright?" The worried sound of Dylan's voice reaches my ear and I notice that the crowd also seemed to go back to whatever they were doing before the scene took place.

"I'm alright" I try sounding strong, almost unaffected by my head-off with a powerful jock who's twice as my size. He could've crushed me like a bug in his fingers.

"You don't seem alright. Come on, let's go outside for you to catch your breath " He suggests and I nod following his tall form once he starts walking.

We reach outside, and as the cold winds of early December crash against my skin, a shiver slides down my spine from the impact.

He takes notice of my clattering state, and without breaking eye contact, he takes his large jacket off and places it around my petite shoulders.

I'm immediately engulfed in comforting warmth, and I tug the jacket closer to my body while murmuring a light 'thanks'.

We both are looking outside at the scenery before my eyes focus on my tree, and in a quick moment, without further thinking, I head off in that way, him following silently behind.

In a time span of three years, this is the first time someone else shares my seat beside myself.

And I have a strong surging feeling, that this seat isn't the last thing we're sharing.



This chapter was easy and almost naturally to write, and I can easily what picture the following chapters might seem like..
and all I can say is that I like the direction of where this is going.

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