10- Weddings & Children

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Sophie's PoV:

Not having enough time to produce a reaction to Mrs. Norton's announcement about the upcoming project, I file out of class, walking through the hallway for my next class, when suddenly a tap on my shoulder stops me.

"Hello, you must be Sophie. Well, I'm Kira, Mrs. Norton assigned your seat to me" She starts and I nod my head slowly.

"This must sound random but I actually had no say in where I sit, it's all satan incarnation's fault" A giggle escapes her lips once the words roll off her tongue, somehow I can't help but follow after her.

"It's ok, I mean she'd always hated me, so it's actually fine" I reply in all honesty, I know it's not her fault that Mrs. Norton has taken a dislike for my recurring habits of arriving late to class, and not concentrating whenever she's explaining something of significant importance.

"I honestly think she hates everyone. Sometimes I just want to tell her to chill the heck down" Kira confesses and we both laugh.

"That might not be the best idea if you're looking forward to passing her class and graduating" I offer and she nods her head comprehensively.

"The only thing that gives me solace, is that we're less than year close to graduation" Kira finishes with a sigh.

"Besides, you're now seated next to Dylan Thirwall, so that means he's your partner now. I guess you can thank me" Adding theatrics to her statement, she flips her hair dramatically.

I crease my eyebrows in response. "What is that supposed to mean? Besides, he's dating Lexi" I say and at the mention of Lexi's name her eyes roll involuntarily.

"Believe me I know, I've been sitting at their table for weeks now and girl, believe me when I say their whole relationship doesn't even compare to the way Dylan looks at you".

I'm speechless at this point. "What? That's not true, they've been dating for what now? 2 years, I don't understand how any of this adds up" I truthfully reply, not able to comprehend what Kira's saying.

She grabs my arm and drags me to a less crowded, much quieter part of the hallways that feels more private for whatever news she's about to share next.

"So you see, there's this guy named Cole Harrison that I'm interested in, which happens to be Dylan's best friend. I'm sure you know him" She asks with an inquisitive look in her eyes, and I nod affirmatively, everyone knows who Cole Harrison is; the school's biggest player.

"Well, it seems that he's interested in me as well, for now. The thing is we've been casually hanging out to see where this might go.

And since day one, Lexi immediately decided to be mean to me since she saw us together. Even though she's dating Dylan, I believe she's into Cole"

I gasp and my eyebrows shoot to my hairline in response to what she said, how can someone date someone and just lust after another person?

"Are you sure of this?, I don't mean to offend you, but maybe she just doesn't like you that much. Maybe she spent a long time being the spoiled princess in the group that she feels threatened by you"

I offer some logical explanation to justify Lexi's behavior. She seems to ingest my words for a few seconds, before reaching her final verdict.

"No, it's not just about not liking me, she specifically gets annoyed whenever I'm associated with Cole, she even tries to pry on our private time together, convincing herself that minimizing our quality time might actually give her the chance so Cole notices her"

She continues with her theory, and I can't help but ask the next question "Does Cole know about this? Have you talked to him or something?"

"No, I don't want to scare the guy off with high school Mean Girls drama, I really really like him. But I think Alex and Scott caught on to what I'm saying. It seems though they also can't stand Lexi, they're merely tolerating her for Dylan".

I wonder about Dylan, does he know about this? But then, if Lexi is really after Cole why would she date Dylan? They've been together nearly 2 years.

Maybe she lost feelings for Dylan and is developing feeling for Cole? But if this is the case, that's not fair to Dylan, shouldn't she just end things with him first?

By the moment I'm asking myself these questions, I reach an indefinite conclusion, that whatever is happening, is certainly non of my business.

I shine some spotlight on my newest conclusion in my next question aimed towards Kira.

"This probably is a bit late, but what the hell does any of this have to do with me?"
I finally asked what I should have from the beginning like any normal sane person would.

Kira seems defeated once she hears my troublesome question. "Firstly, I think Dylan deserves someone better than Lexi, and you have the potential to be that someone for him.

Secondly, in 15 years, if Cole and I ever get married, I'd rather have to see you and spend time with you than her"

A mortified look appears on her face for a moment before she shakes it off. "If Dylan and her continue to be a couple in the future, it'll be my endless torture. Plus, you'd be an amazing bridesmaid to have and I would trust you with my children"

Before she gets the chance to further fantasize about the future creepily, I decide to stop her. "Ok, enough talking about weddings and children. I don't know what do you want me to do, but I'm not a home-wrecker, and I definitely won't get with a guy that I know is taken"

I clarify that for her, she nods ferociously "Don't worry, I'm not expecting you to do anything but be yourself. I think Dylan would eventually come around on his own"

I nod, clearing my throat. What a conversation to have in school's hallway between classes.

Speaking of, I really need to head to my next class or I would most likely get detention if I don't show up in about a minute or so.

As I'm leaving, Kira gives a dazzling smile in my direction, and this is the first time I have mixed feelings for a first impression on someone.

I can't decide if I like her or not..



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