25 - Settling in

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Dylan's PoV:

The ride to Sophie's house took about 17 minutes. It should've taken 25 minutes on average. We have angry Alex to thank for that.

He was in a bad mood, huffing and bitching all while driving what can be described aggressively on the road, cursing anything dared moving in his way.

We reach the house and get out.

You might be wondering why am I being dropped at Soph's house and not mine?

Simple. My parents don't even care that much about me to take care of me properly. At least that's how Cole nicely put it.

Subsequently, after lots of arguing and debating, they decided that it's best for me to stay at Sophie's house.
Exciting and frightening at the same time.

She welcomed the idea saying her parents are never home. I kind of got that, I've never seen them around or seen Sophie interact with them.

She says they're always away on business. And I sense we have that in common - the negligence, the loneliness.

Fast forward, we're saying goodbye to the guys after they carried my bags inside and made sure we got home safely.

I didn't miss the smirk on Cole's face when it was time for them to leave and I got to be left alone with her.

Alex promised he'll drop by my house, grabbing more clean clothes and other stuff, because apparently, my stay here is questionable.

It could take a week, or two or who know if I'm lucky then I'll never have to leave.

As we make our way inside, Sophie walks around to the kitchen, opening the fridge, noticing that it's been restocked.

Then, she looks knowingly at the counter, and there it is, a note. She scrunches her eyebrows, her lips pulling down in a pout.
All I wanted to do is sprint to her, hold her and smooth out the creases.

She sighs disappointedly and crunches the tiny sticky note in her hand, throwing it in the nearest trash can.

She notices my presence watching her, and she conceals all the hurt and disappointment under a pretentious smile that doesn't reach her chocolaty eyes.

"Come on, let's get you settled in your room" She suggest and starts making her way out of the kitchen towards the living room. Picks up my duffel bags and starts ascending the stairs with out a word, expecting me to follow around, and I do.

We pass by so many doors while passing through the hallway, that I have to keep count to not mess up the rooms. All the doors look basically the same.
It resembles a hotel more than it does a house.

Though I keep my strange comments to myself biting my tongue from saying anything stupid and ruining this clean slate we've opened.

She comes to a halt, opens a door snd goes inside keeping the door opened, inviting me in.

I step in, the room decor screamed elegant but minimalistic at the same time.

A huge bed settled in the middle, taking up most of the space, with a nightstand accessorizing each side.

Opposite to the bed was a closet and a TV hung on the wall.

Besides was a door, which I assumed led to the attached bathroom.

She turns to me, scrutinizing me, almost searching for my reaction "So, is this good enough?" She asks shyly.

Before I can put her worries to rest, she continues blabbering on "If it's not, then there's a lot of rooms, you could pick something out yourse-"

This time I cut her off, "Soph, relax, it's great" I say assuring her.

She smiles awkwardly and sets the bag near the bed and then proceeds to get out.

"Oh, before I forget, my room's the one opposite to yours. If you need anything don't hesitate" She offers kindly and my heart melts a little at the cute blush on her cheeks.

"Ok then, I'll leave you to settle in" She says lastly before she leaves and disappears behind her door leaving me taking in her perfume hat hung around even after she left.

I sigh and lay down on the bed closing my eyes. I know we still had a conversation to uphold. And I dreaded it.

But at the same time, if we don't talk and clear things up, we'll be stuck in this one place. This one big misunderstanding that stood in the way of everything we might want.

Everything we could ever be.

After a while, I get up and decide to actually be useful and start settling in.

Once the room looked inhabited and not void of life anymore, I took it as a good enough reason to stop fussing around and decided to go downstairs, plus my stomach was rumbling.

Just as I sled down the last step, I noticed Sophie settled down on the living room couch, in sweatpants and an oversized shirt.

She looked deep in thought, that by the time she noticed me I was two steps away from the couch.
I plopped down on the couch next to her, at a safe distance though.

She must've realized what I came here for, judging by the serious expression I pulled on my face.

She crosses her legs and positions herself halfway facing me.

She tucks an astray piece of hair behind her ear, and I can't help but roam my eyes all over her soft features.

Her oval shaped eyes that crease whenever she laugh, her inescapable chocolate eyes casting an ever-binding spell, her soft pink lips that do nothing but lure me in time after time.

As if on cue, her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and it's not making it easy for me to not lunge forward and claim her lips in a mind shattering kiss.

I clear my throat while thinking how should I approach this without making it any more awkward than it already is.

Sucking a deep breath in, I think screw it, and start to spill all that's been roaming my mind for the past 2 weeks, hoping we'll squash away whatever problem it is between us.



I just got motivated to continue writing this story. Feels good.


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