26 - The Confession

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Dylan's PoV:

"So, before saying anything, I want to start off by apologizing. I'm sorry for the way I yelled, I shouldn't have" I start staring sincerely into her trapping eyes.

She nods "It's ok, I should also apologize for jumping into conclusions and assuming things without hearing you out first" She confesses honestly, and I'm glad we got that out of the way.

I start again "So, Um, the day of the accident, all that I can remember is me getting into my car infuriated and blasting the music so loud for the sake to shut up my own mind. I frankly do not remember what happened or how I crashed" I tell her the truth shining from my pupils.

"Actually, the day of the accident I had the weirdest thing happening" She starts while lowering her gaze on her hands, her fingers nervously playing together.

I remain silent, urging her to continue telling me according to her own pace, and she does.

"Lexi actually dropped by, and we had an interesting conversation" She lifts her eyes almost to gage my reaction.

"She umm, she said that you two are broken up for good. And mentioned something about moving away" She goes on and it makes sense why I never heard from her since the accident.

"She also, said that she entrusted you to me. That somehow we perfect for each other" red tinged her cheeks and I'm not surprised.

No matter what went down between me and Lexi, maybe we weren't good for each other. But it didn't mean she wasn't a good person. Her actions at the end of the day shine through and I hold the utmost respect and admiration for her.

Then, about what she said, Sophie and I being perfect one for another. I mean her presence only is enough to erupt a longing feeling deep in my stomach, her scent gets my head spinning for days and her chocolate eyes keep sucking me in.

To put it in short, I was officially smitten with the girl.

"And what do you think about that?" I ask, taking her by surprise. She looks up at me from underneath her thick lashes all shy and all I want to do is pull her to me and hold her till forever falls apart.

Tongue tied, her eyes stare deep into my own, then flicking between my lips and back to my eyes. Suddenly the room grows hot ten thousand times, and my skin feels aflame.

"About what?" Her voice comes out a whisper so low that I almost couldn't catch it.

"Sophie, I believe I asked a question. Stop avoiding and answer me your honest opinion" I say sternly, eager to discover if she feels it too, that magnetic pull that keeps on drawing us back to each other.

"Ok, I actually-" She doesn't get to finish what I've been dying to hear, as a bell ring interrupts.

"Oh, this must be the food I ordered, I'll be back in a second" she gets up. And I huff in annoyance. She got lucky she was saved by the bell. Quite literally.

A few moments later, she emerges back with bags in her hands. She delicately sets them on the table and proceeds to sit in her previous spot. Although closer that our knees our brushing. The contact sends electric currents coursing through my body, the good type. I wonder if it's only me, or if she could also feel it.

She eyes the food, then turns her gaze back at me implying we could finish our interesting topic after we eat. I mean I was famished. But food could wait.

I shake my head slightly in negativity. "Answer me first than you can eat all you want".

She huffs and her lips form a cute little pout. "Fine" She gives in.

"I agree with her. I like you and I think we would be good together" Finally, she confesses what I've been dying to hear and I can't help but smile at the apprehensive look in her eyes. The hesitation, anticipation. All clouding her eyes.

"Then I'm glad, because I feel the same" I confess and it feels like a mountain has been lifted from my shoulders. Like I can finally breathe freely, without any restraints.

Without further stalling, I pull her from her waist and place her on my lap. She seems startled by the action, nonetheless a smile takes place on her lips assuring me she really wants this as much as I do.

I place my hands on her waist, liking the jolts of power I get from touching her.

I lean in so close, our breaths mingling into one "Can I kiss you?" I ask huskily, my lips brushing hers lightly from the proximity.

She nods slowly and I lean in closing my eyes and close the distance between us.
Our lips are caught in a gentle kiss, one hand of mine shoots to the side of her face. While hers connect around my neck tugging on my hair.

The feeling is purely euphoric that a groan escapes my mouth. We keep tugging each other closer, as if possible, and deepening the kiss until we ran out of oxygen and had to pull back.

Our breaths come out heavy, uneven. Our chests heaving up and down. That was mind blowing.

"Come on let's eat before the food gets cold" I remind her of the food lying, long forgotten, on the table in front of us.

She moves back a little to grant herself a sliver of space. And once she grabs whatever container she wanted and chopsticks -perks of Chinese food- I grab the remote control for the TV and pull her back on my lap so that her back is against me.

We settle onto a murder documentary on Netflix, and relax into each other, cuddling while eating in blissful silence.



Finallyyy *sighs in contentment*

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