6- Sickness & Incidents

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Dylan's PoV:

Today, I woke up not feeling well physically. Perhaps mentally too, but let's keep that at bay for the meantime.

Staying home like any ordinary kid would do while being ill isn't really an option for me.

I'd rather go to school than stay home listening to my parents bickering and fighting like always.

That's one of the reasons actually as to why I was excited for owning a car; I could leave and drive myself around to whatever place, not having to stay locked in these thin walls that echo their shouts all the damn time.

When I got into school, I tighten my hold on my jacket to prevent the chilly air from pinching my skin with its coldness and walk slowly to the halls, while a headache forms on the way.

Breathing in huge chunks of air, I reach my locker noticing my friends already waiting for me beside it.

Alex is chuckling while Scott slightly pouts and then I hear Cole's voice telling them to knock it off.

Standing next to Cole, is a bored looking Lexi, going through her phone, like this was the last place she ever wanted to be at.

When they notice me coming their way, Scott and Alex stop whatever teasing they were doing, Cole just smirks and we have our bro-handshake moment.

Then, when I approached Lexi for a hug and a quick kiss on the lips she steps back from me with a disgusted expression apparent on her features while shaking her head.

"Sorry babe, but you're not looking good" She justifies and I nod my head in agreement. Who would want to hug, let alone, kiss a sick person?

When the first three agonizing lessons were over, I could finally drag myself out of the boring classroom of history class into the cafeteria.

To be frank, I've been zoned out for the entire day, the words leaving the teachers' mouths bouncing off as gibberish to my ears, when it did nothing to enrich me with information; only furthermore increasing the severity of my torturous headache.

Shaking my head, coming to school was a complete waste of time.

Like you had anything better to do.
The voice in my head roasts, and I chuckle at my subconscious' witty comeback.

Nonchalantly walking through the crowded halls to the cafeteria, I suddenly bump into someone, sending a hefty amount of books flying off in all directions, laying sprawled out on the tiled floors.

"Ouch" comes the gentle wince of the girl I had collided with, and to my utter shock, it's non other than Sophie Edwards.

She seems taken aback when she realized it was me who she bumped into, and her lingering gaze quickly lowers to the ground, focusing on the scattered books.

When I bent down gathering her books that I helped knock off her arms, she opens her mouth to protest.

"Oh, there's no need. I can get those" She dismisses my help, but I decide not to relent and continue on gathering her possessions.

"It's actually my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going" I confess honestly. In all truth, it isn't my brightest day if you can tell.

She shrugs off my apology "it's cool. Are you ok though? Not to sound insensitive, but you look kind of pale" She asks delicately, as if terrified I might scream in her face for being concerned with my wellbeing.

"I'm fine, thank you" Lies.

Noticing all her books are back safely in their rightful previous place; her hands, she stands up hurriedly and flashes me a small smile before saying "Have a nice day" and then disappearing into the massive crowd.

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