24 - Going Home

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Sophie's PoV:

Today was Sunday, the day of Dylan's discharge from the hospital.

It's been a few days since he woke up and thankfully his condition kept on progressing instead of deteriorating.

He was so excited to finally leave the hospital, as he kept describing the cafeteria food as 'unbearable' every time a nurse brought him a tray of a meal, he would cower away and slightly flinch as if it'll come out of the plates and sting him.

The few past days passed peacefully, with him recovering and well, everyone else taking shifts at visiting him during visiting hours so he doesn't get driven out of his mind due to boredom.

Right now, we were gathering up for his longly awaited release.
Cole handled the paperwork outside at the counter. And I didn't miss the flirtatious looks the nurses on duty kept throwing his way. And each time Kira would drop by, she'd kiss him passionately in the hallway, making out with him right across from his little fan club is her way of asserting her dominance, staking her claim on him.

He didn't seem to mind though, he was getting free make out sessions with a jealous and angry Kira, why would he ever say no to that?

Meanwhile, Alex took it upon himself to ready the car so that we don't have to waste any more time in the parking lot. He's parked right near the hospital entrance ensuring easy access to our ride home.

Currently, Scott and I are in charge of packing his stuff and tidying the room from the all the disheveled stuff lying around.

I gather the shirt lying on the sofa stuffing it in the duffel bag, next heading towards the small cupboard, noticing that it looks like a mini war took place on its surface.

He had AirPods, car keys, home keys, wallet, ID, pack of gums, a vase of fresh roses. All occupying the narrow surface.

Oh and when I open the drawer just to make sure nothing is forgotten behind, I'm surprised to see the bags of takeout food stuffed hastily.

I grab them and turn to face the suspected culprit across the room.
"Scott?" I call out to him waiting for him to acknowledge me.

He leaves whatever toiletries he's picked up from the attached bathroom and raises his head. "Yeah?" He raises his eyebrows in inquiry.

"Care to explain what are these?" I ask smirking knowing I caught the right guy from the look on his face.

His eyes flash in surprise and like to say a little bit of fear? Though I'm not entirely sure, but the nervous smile and his hand scratching the back of his head did nothing but elaborate more on his crime.

"U-um, you know, these could probably here for a long tim-" One look at my eyes and he knows I'm not convinced with the bullshit excuse.

"Oh, who am I kidding, the food here isn't edible, not even the slightest. I was just being a good friend." He smiles sheepishly slightly shaking his head.

I sigh and shake my head while disposing of the bags in the garbage bin, smiling to myself, boys will always be boys.

From the corner of my eyes, I notice Dylan standing adjacent to the window sill, he got his back to the view, leaning on the window sill watching our interaction with amusement glistening in his eyes.

"Shut up you! You'll see once we reach home. All you'll be eating is chicken soup" I threaten him with a warning finger in air pointing at his direction.

He groans in complaint, and though I'm just kidding, I like messing with him and taunting him playfully.

Finally, 20 minutes after I swept the room like four times to make sure we didn't forget anything. Dylan and Scott literally had to drag me out of the room and we met Cole halfway through the corridor.

He has some papers in his hands "There. All done" His smug expression does nothing but worsen the condition of the nurses ogling him.

"Finally. After a lifetime chained in this place, I do get to be free" His face relaxes in relief as we're inside the elevator.

We thought he might need a wheeling chair or a helping cane, nevertheless he refused after all our insistence, saying he's fine and there's no need for any of these, as he's capable walking on his own just fine.

Nonetheless, we obviously wouldn't let him on his own just yet. Cole and Scott are both supporting him from each side, and I trailed not long behind them, being there in case he needed anything.

We make our way outside to the warm weather away from the air conditioning of the building, making sure to have stopped by the hospital's own pharmacy and buying the painkillers the doctor has advised.

We made our way outside to notice Alex's car just outside.

Once we all settled in -Alex obviously the driver, Cole took shotgun, Dylan was squeezed in the backseat between Scott and me- he huffed in annoyance "Took you guys long enough" and presses his leg down the gas pedal jerking the car to life and off we go.



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