22 - Gobsmacked

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Sophie's PoV:

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets upon hearing the question from Dylan.

Say what now?

My heart accelerated at the idea that his concussion might've actually caused him amnesia, I mean it wasn't uncommon for his case but still, to say we were shocked was an understatement.

I snap out of my momentarily freeze when Alex's voice reaches my ears "Dude, please don't do this to us now" He looks exasperated and frustrated. He probably wanted his friend to be alright so things could go back to normal.

The bags underneath his eyes proved that he's been deprived from the necessary amount sleep your body requires in order to function properly.

My gaze shifts from my gobsmacked friends' faces to the cause of their state.
His eyebrows are furrowed and I almost can see the wheels in his head spinning. His face is contorted in discomfort though his body laid unmoved on the bed, his position radiated pain and agony.

"Seriously, who are you people? And what're are you doing here? Why am I doing at the hospital in the first place?" His tone comes out confused and rushed, matching the urgency of his dreadful questions.

I shift my eyes back to my friends to pick up on their reactions. Cole has his gaze fixed on the distant wall as if lost in his train of thoughts that's bound to lead him to a train wreck if not strictly supervised.

Scott had his mouth gaping and his eyes were the size of apples, his face still stuck at the initial reaction, like his brain couldn't processes all that was happening and so decided 'aight, imma head out'.

Alex kept his facial expressions neutral, staring at Dylan intently, studying him closely. He's always been the reserved, laid back one who's rarely let you in on how he's feeling.

On the other hand, Scott was an open book, he couldn't hide what he felt for a mere millisecond even if he tried.

And then there was Cole who was a mix of both, he would never openly express his feelings, but you'll surely know exactly how he's feeling. He tends to be the passive aggressive type and I sense a lot of anger management issues he needs to deal with.

Though, I'm never one to judge, people are people. And who says I'm better myself? I was probably worse, being closed off and overly sensitive.

I shake my head, these comparisons are a waste of time, also we had more pressing matters at hand than drawing up character analysis now.

A few moments of deadbeat silence echoed loudly through the room, clashing with the smell of antiseptics to create this awful atmosphere of discomfort for everyone present.

The screeching silence is thrown out the window by the laughing sound coming from our injured friend.

He's clutching his stomach, like this amount of insane cracking up is actually causing his tummy to scrunch in pain.

"Oh my god" he lets out in fits of contagious laughter "Yo-you should've..seen..your faces" He manages to let out on tight breaths.

The once deadly silent room vibrates with life from his chuckles.
"Dude, so not cool" Scott says while puckering his lips, unamused by the prank he pulled out on us.

While Cole's voice comes out more edgy and agitated "Explain" he mutters while crossing his bulky arms on his chest, with an eyebrow quirking up in interrogatory matter.

"Ok, ok" Dylan lifts his hands in surrender. "Well, I mean I do remember you all and the accident, I just couldn't miss the chance to see your faces like that" He finishes off with a little smile recalling our priceless expressions.

"Asshole" This time I'm more surprised that the voice that came out belonged to non other than me. Everyone turns their heads in my direction.
Most likely the first thing I've spoken since we entered, or so.

Guilt crosses his face and his eyes look up mine "Sorry" He mutters quietly as if only meant for me to hear while his eyes penetrate through my soul.

How can someone stay mad at that?

I sigh, "it's alright, the important thing is that you're ok" I respond levelly and he nods in agreement shifting his gaze elsewhere.

The atmosphere seems to grow ten times heavier and the weight of it sits shamelessly on my tiny shoulders to carry.

The guys seem to notice the shift since they all mutter out stupid excuses and make a run for it before anyone could stop them.

Once the door shuts after them, the room slightly cages in size, although it should've been expanding due to their departure.

I'm here. He's here. We're here alone in a hospital room.

Realizing that standing there in the middle of the room will not do me any good, I blob down on the vacant leather seat near the bed.

My fingers click together and I focus my eyes on them instead of the guy sprawled out in front of me.

"Hey" He calls out suddenly pulling me out of my shell I crawled back and innocently caved in.

I lift my browns to meet his, and don't miss the saddened look flashing through his pupils.

"Look, I'm sorry about everything. The fighting, the shouting, the storming away" He starts "It's all my fault" He confesses honestly.

"I also was small headed, ignoring you and the problem instead of hearing you out. I tend to spend more time in my own head than I should be" I confess guilty.

It's true I've always been this type of person to shut people out after the first mistake. I think it's a defense mechanism my subconscious uses to protect me from getting hurt, though I hurt people in the process.

I should really work on my self, learn how to communicate properly, how to express my feelings and how to solve my problems instead of playing hide and seek with them.

His cold hand covers mine gently, and the nervous clicking stops. I think my heart stops along with that too and we both stare into each other's eyes like we're the only two people existent in the world.

"We'll fix this. I promise I'll fix everything" A hint of a promise laces his tone and I offer a tight lipped smile in return.


Phew...dodged a bullet there.

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