18 - Brutal Truth

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Dylan's PoV:

The power a sad day grabs over you is threatening.
I'm out of class walking, but in all honesty, I don't have the slightest clue where my feet are taking me. They seem to know their way around this daunting building just fine, which is great for my case.

Because I couldn't force my mind off from the trance it's in, from questioning life, to jumping into conclusions. I can barely jump through a hoop.

Fast forward, I'm snapped out of my blurred daze when I hear my name being called multiple times.

My reflex kicks in, and I turn around finding Scott, my friend, trying to catch up with me. So I hasten my steps, offering him enough time to advance towards me.

"Hey bro, what's up?" He asks as a greeting and I nod in response.

"Ok, cut the bullshit Thirwall. What the hell was that earlier at lunchtime?" He asks in his no-bullshit tone, creasing his brows in an interrogatory manner.

"What are you talking about ?" I play dumb. We both know the act isn't going to last as it's about to fall soon.

"I mean what the actual fuck? What happened last night after we left?" He's referring to when they left Sophie's house, back when things were normal.

As were walking side by side, I notice that the corridor came to its inevitable end, and we step outside to the freezing weather.

I drag my palms across my face in frustration, hating to recall the events that have been slowly eating at my brain.

I take a deep breath and decide to just tell my friend all that's happened.
"After you guys left, Soph and I sort of got into a fight. She said something, then I said something. Bottom line is that I told her I'll just crash at one of you guys' place.

In all reality, I didn't want to ruin anyone's night because of my personal problems, and I ended up sleeping in my car for the night"

Scott is and has always been of high intelligence, being this super smart creature, he connects the dots in his head.

"So you told Sophie you'll spend the night at one of us' place, but being this dumbass that you are, you actually forgot to mention it to us.

That's why Cole couldn't help himself with that comment about staying at Lexi's house cause what else would go on in his brain, which caused Sophie to think you lied to her. Makes sense why she looked like she wanted to punch someone straight in the face all day"

He blabbers on and on, like he just discovered the law of gravity.

By the time he realizes his rambling, he shuts up for a moment, then looks me straight in the eyes "Dude, you're totally screwed".

"Geez, thanks bro, I didn't know that" I exhale in a repelling manner.

"Anyways, where's Alex? I think I'd like his sympathy more than your brutal honesty"

At the mention of his boyfriend's name, he softens and his eyes get all glow-y.
"He actually left early to pick up his little sister from kindergarten"

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The magnificent difference between Scott and Alex.

Sometimes I wonder how these two actually got together, but then remember the saying "opposites attract" maybe it's science, maybe it's fate. But sometimes, somehow, people we think wouldn't go together actually are just the perfect combination.

"Ok, got to go, see you later" I say and head to my parked car in the lot, eventually driving myself home.

My foot on the gas pedal, what should I do?
Should I try and explain to her what happened? My foot on the brakes.
No, I don't owe it to her or anyone, we're not even together. Back on the gas.
Then why she looked sad and angry all of a sudden when that's been brought up? More gas.
Why is she giving me the silent treatment, and more importantly, why am I sucked in this game?

I swear my mind is driving me insane with all this speculation and overthinking.

I turn the radio on, the volume vibrates the whole car up. Time to forget everything for a while.


*fast forward 2 hours*

Sophie's PoV:

I woke up feeling all grumpy, all the time spent asleep, felt like I blinked one big time that lasted for 3 hours.
When I blink, my eyelids burn. Thanks a lot useless amount of sleep.

I check my phone, seeing no new notifications. If I would die probably it would be the same.

I stretch my muscles and get out of bed.
When I pass my window frame, I notice the sun has almost dipped into the horizon.
For once I'd like to dip there too, far away from everything and everyone for a while.

After that I take a long shower, washing the worries of today away and getting a sense of myself.

After, I'm sat in my bed drying my hair with a towel in freshly worn sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Then, I hear the sound of the doorbell. My heart falls for a mere second. Who might it be? And more pressingly, what brings them here?

My anxiety shoots through the roof, while my depression is standing on the balcony in a fit of laughter.

I descend the stairs and go to open the door to whomever might be standing behind it.

Once I open it, I'm in shock to see the person, as well as them for a strange reason.

My mouth opens involuntarily "Hi, umm, what're you doing here?"



Ooooh, things just got exciting

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Ooooh, things just got exciting.

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