17 - A Cold Shoulder

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Sophie's PoV:

He told me he'd go over to one of the guys' houses and just crash there for the night.
Although lunchtime chitchat clearly suggests otherwise.

It's not like I can blame him or anything, I don't have any right to lay any claim on him, but I would've appreciated not being lied to.

After I emptied my plastic tray, which had most of my food from the cafeteria untouched, I start making my way to fourth period, Mrs. Norton's class.

As I'm silently walking through the halls, I notice a presence near and when I turn my head in order to flick the person off, I'm met with brown eyes and bubbly personality, unmissable traits of Kira.

"Hey" She greets cheerful and I barely lift a corner of my mouth in a pathetic attempt to return the smile, which is evidently not working. Since I'm not in the mood for anything really.

She gets the clear hint that I'm not in the mood for talking or having a useless conversation, gladly accompanying me silently as she also shares her next period with Dylan and I.

"See you after this hell torture ends" She laughs jokingly softening the atmosphere before whispering the last part "That if, I'm even left alive after it ends" and casually strides to her seat at the back where she greets a few people she knows and they hold a playful conversation before the class officially starts.

I sigh and plop down onto my seat, taking notice that he's not here yet.

I take out the necessary workbooks and lay them gently and neatly on the table ahead, waiting for the loud footsteps of Mrs. Norton's heals as she enters the classroom.

A few minutes in, I sense a presence in the chair beside me, and this time there's no need for me to turn to figure out who's there.

A whiff of his cologne plus the sense of familiarity swoops my nostrils and I have to fight myself to stop me from turning about and giving him the satisfaction of caving in first.

I notice hot stares glued to the side of my head, keeping my urge to turn and snap at him, at bay, by fidgeting infinitely and endlessly with the pencil in my hand.

To my dismay, I'm killing it at this ignoring his existence game, I never knew you could be boiling on the inside like hot lava squeezing your heart, while at the same time, coming off as nonchalant and careless for the outer world, was one of my talents.

At the end of this lesson, where my brain was far too occupied than listening to what stupid material we had to learn, Mrs. Norton took if upon herself to further sabotage my already sunken mood, by reminding us with the project due in really close and asking about how much progress have we made and what difficulties we faced while working on it, before walking up further to the pairs that had specific inquiries.

We still have that stupid project to finish and hand in, before I could go on about my life forgetting that his even existed.

Grunting inwardly, for the first time for this day, I abandon my precious tactic and take a look to the silhouette next to me.

I incline slightly shifting my posture towards him, just so I don't look like a fool addressing the wall ahead of me.

"We should really finish the project. We already did half, and we need to finish the other half and finalize it so we can hand it in" I offer in my most businesslike tone, and don't let go of the way he's clenching his jaw.

As if trying his best to endure me there, barking orders at him when in reality all I ever want to do is just be over with this so I can be free from him and his presence. So I can finally be over all this tangled mess of events.

He offers a lifeless nod and opens his mouth but then doesn't speak immediately, contemplating his thoughts and choosing his words carefully.

"Text me when and where" He spits coolly in my face and gets up from his seat, rendering me speechless. All I ever did was watch his silhouette as it nears the door gradually, until it eventually disappears from my direct vision.

I huff in annoyance at our own immaturity. He's not being completely honest with me, and I'm giving him the cold shoulder in hopes of cracking him up.

Albeit, it only toughens his stance more.
He takes it as a sign to nurse me the same poison I've been feeding him, instead of asking me what's wrong and how we can fix it. All in all we're just two stubborn people afraid of compromising and terrible at communicating.

And now we're both acting as if we don't care about whatever mess that we've thrown ourselves into.

The rest of the day moves in a haze as I spend it zoning out and staring off in the distance most of the time.

By the time I'm home, my mental health is on the brisk of spiraling as the latest events haven't been much keen on me.

I watch myself as I do everything with a huff and puff, wishing to curl up in a tiny ball and lay there on my bed doing nothing, instead of having to defiantly face this flawed mold of a world.

I think back to his words today about texting him regarding finishing our uncompleted business, but decide that the stupid project can wait for tomorrow. I don't want to text him. Or anyone for that matter.

I place my phone on my bedside table -more like throw it- but the point is once I make it under the silky sheets my eyelids immediately surrender, giving in to the sleep I've been deprived from last night.



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Heyy, what do you think about this chapter? more's to come❣️

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