3- Bullying & Libraries

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Sophie's PoV:

The moment the bell rang after the third period, announcing the end of half of this miserable day and the beginning of a new era; lunch break, I dart out of the class.

Carrying my backpack on my slugged shoulders, I hold the plethora of books in my arms and head to my desired destination; the library.

Passing through the hallway of literal hell, it is more crowded than a Martin Garrix concert. A few people are standing next to their lockers, probably stuffing some books there.

The majority of students however are wandering off each to their aspired location. Although I could tell most are headed towards the cafeteria, while the weirdos are taking a turn to go eat where they normally do everyday- under the stairs.

I don't even know how this habit started. I guess some misfit kid decided that the cafeteria, the den for rich and popular kids was not it. Maybe under the stairs was some type of last resort so they could escape the hypocrisy of this world.

I got invited once to sit there by someone I wasn't that well aquatinted with, and while I appreciated the thoughtfulness, I politely declined.

I prefer sitting alone outside, under a tree in the shade. That way I can mind my own business without any interference. It's not like I have friends or anything.

Though I can't really complain, because people have tried being friendly towards me and reached out but I always end up pushing them away for some unknown reason. Typical loner move.

While passing the hallways, I notice a few jocks messing with some geeky junior guy, harassing him about his looks and what not.

"What do we got here?" Austin, one of the popular, overrated, falsely-worshipped guys is teasing the geeky looking guy that I realize is Carter- an awesome genius who helps the teachers with technical difficulties whenever the projector seems to slack.

"Can I please go?" Carter sighs and despair evidently appears in his tone, slight fear too if your listen closely.

"I don't think I told you that you can go buddy" Felix, another jock teases smiling evilly, while crossing his arms on his signature green football jersey clad chest.

You might wonder about the part where I step in to be the hero and help the poor soul of Carter from getting bullied by the jerks of Austin and Felix and who-else.

Simple answer: I don't step in.
Although I one hundred percent don't approve of what is happening in front of my eyes, it takes every fiber of my body not to defend him, instead I simply choose to mind my own business.

I might be perceived as an ignorant bystander; purposely ignoring the graphic scene unfolding in front of my own eyes. And from your standpoint you're completely right.

The way I look at it, If I meddle with people's lives, that gives them enough legitimacy snooping around in mine, which I certainly do not want.

To be fair, I'm not the type of person with a dark past consisting of kidnappers or serial killers and stalkers or whatever the plot for Riverdale's third season is.

To the contrary, I'm a seemingly plain normal person, coming from a loving home and living in a perfect average middle class house.

Getting back to my point, looks can be deceiving, or more correctly, are deceiving in majority of the time.
I don't trust what I see with my eyes, there's always hidden cracks beneath the surface.

If you take a moment analyzing the scene I just walked by, you'll find that Austin and Felix are not the perfect jocks they display to the rest of the world, with seemingly the hot girlfriends and socialites for friends.

Bullying is just a coping mechanism they use dealing with whatever terrifying shit happening in their private lives, the type of shit you don't talk about to anyone, you just hope miraculously disappears on its own, but kind of sure it wont and there's nothing you could do about it.

Welcome to the mind of an over-thinker.

As I continue my steady steps, I finally arrive at the library. Pushing the door open with my leg, I enter the relatively quiet haven, setting the heavy load in my hands on the counter in front of the librarian.

"Hi, I'm here to return these" I firmly but levelly offer to the lady sitting on the rotating chair.

She lifts up her head from the documents she had been going through, and a genuine smile takes place on her pale face when she sees me.

"Yeah, sure dear. Is that it, or are you taking anything new?" She asks gesturing to the endless shelves of hardware books sitting comfortably in their places, longing to be chosen and picked up.

"Yeah, I just had to get rid of these heavy guys first" I respond and start diving further into the endless ocean of knowledge.

Once I spot the 'philosophy' sign on one of the shelves, I can't contain a smile, and go on an expedition to discover my next adopted child.

When I finally settle on things I haven't read before, that appear meticulously interesting, I stack them in my arms and go over to the counter.

"I think I'll take these, but can I wait for the end of the day to take them ? I got into detention and I don't want to roam the whole school for the rest of the day with these" I ask the librarian to which she nods lightly while smiling.

"Sure, dear. I'll just keep them here for you for when you're finished " she answers and I break into a grin.

"Thank you, have a nice day" I call out to her and leave, pulling the handle of the door, stepping out of the warm sacred air of books and knowledge to the dry airs of dumbness in the hallways.

Going to sit outside, I open the cafeteria doors, to be met with the usual landscape as always; tables stacked with trays of food, students surrounding them while conversing and eating.

I sigh inwardly, and just then my eyes randomly lock with dark brown ones; Dylan Thirwall.

I see that he's surrounded by his usual entourage mainly consisting of his girlfriend Lexi Hart, his best friends Alex Price, Scott Wilds and Cole Harrison with a girl named Kira Sonder that doesn't sit with them to my basic limited knowledge. Definitely Cole's doing.

A few moments of sheer awkwardness pass till I break eye contact when I notice Lexi from my peripheral vision scowling at her boyfriend for spacing out.

I pass them, and then open the glass doors that lead to the well-trimmed garden outside, sitting in my designated spot under the tree.



What do you think about Sophie's viewpoint on bullying?

* I don't necessarily condemn the ideological beliefs of any of the characters.
All I'm trying to do is introduce complex, fresh, intricate characters that may be interesting for you to read, and for me to write ❣️

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