19 - Necessary Conversation

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Sophie's PoV:

"Hi, umm, what're you doing here?"
My voice comes out so low that I doubt it barely made out a whisper.

"Hey, I know we're not really that fond of each other but I had this constant nagging feeling that we needed to talk.
I've been trying to fight the urge to come, but eventually known this had to be done, so can I come in?"

Lexi said all of that in one lengthy breath while I stood there at the threshold gaping like a fish with questioning eyes and furrowed brows, making for an excellent perplexed expression.

It took me more seconds to process that she actually was here, at my doorstep asking to have a word with me. I immersed myself in her stance.

She stood from one foot then the other, hesitation clear in her demeanor.
Although her eyes were this rare color of emerald, her undereye circles proved the excessive worrying and lack of sleep.

The golden rays of the setting sun hit her caramel hair and though it cast a warm light on her, it couldn't erase the nervousness and hesitation showcased.

"Umm, sure. Come in" I said in a quiet voice trying not to sound so ..stranded.

I stepped out of the way, allowing her enough space to pass through and enter.
I closed the door with a sigh turning to lead her to the living room.

What could she want to talk about?

I gestured my hands towards the couch and she took a shy seat, her eyes scanning the carpet in an attempt to gather her thoughts, or her disheveled words.

I take a seat next to her on the couch keeping a safe distance between us. Moments passed by that felt like centuries when there was nothing to fill the deafening silence.

Then, she suddenly turned towards me, her attention was set, eyes determined like a newfound courage surged through her veins.

"Look, I thought a lot before coming here, even my friends thought it was a bad idea and that it wouldn't end well"

She starts saying with utmost honesty coating her words. I don't say a word, wanting to lend her my ear fully, not interrupting.

"But to be honest, it's like I can't get this out of my head, it feels like it's been sitting on my shoulder for the past couple of weeks" I sit awaited-ly listening to her pressed up feelings.

"I don't know where to start this, but you probably know that Dylan and I have been dating since..as long as I can remember, probably since freshman year or so"

I gulp at the mention of his name, of course she came to talk to me about her boyfriend, the one I've been keeping her away from. She didn't come here purposely to make friendship bracelets. She came with a purpose.

"Well, we've had our ups and downs like any normal couple in a relationship would do" I nodded comprehensively though my subconscious laughed at the thought.

What're you nodding your head for?, like you've ever been in a relationship,right.

I try to shut down the sarcastic part of my brain responsible for coming up with all these snarky comments.
It's both a blessing and a curse to be born with a sarcastic mind.

"Lately though, all I've been feeling is that we're experiencing all the lows without any highs, and noticing the emotional distance between us only continues to expand"

She's sharing her personal thoughts and feelings on her private relationship. Wow, this must've been so damn hard for her.
I mean she could've just barked at me to back off of her boyfriend and left, but she chose to handle this with maturity.
The least I could do is admire her for that.

She starts shaking her head, as if it was impossible for her to go on with her courageous speech "I don't think this is a good idea, I probably should've listened to my friends and kept ignoring the situation instead of coming here"

She looked messy and nervous with her bouncing leg exposing her unyielding anxiety taking over and she started to gather herself standing up until a steady hand on her wrist stopped her from getting up. My steady hand.

She looked apprehensive and relieved at the same time, I couldn't decipher how those two emotions learnt to coexist.

"Please don't leave. I really respect your courage to come and talk to me personally instead of dancing around the topic, so please go on" I tried reassuring her with my words accompanying a little smile.

She grew more confident in herself and the bouncing lessened by a bit. Progress.

"I guess what I'm saying is that the distance between us only keeps on getting bigger and bigger each day and I've started noticing how when he's with you it's like a distraction from reality"

"I know you're probably thinki— " I was cut off by her, good, because I didn't know where the hell I was going with this, I'll likely complicate the situation even more.

"Look I'm not here to blame you or throw accusations your way. I'm simply describing how things seemed lately.
I only came here to inform you that I'm breaking up with Dylan right after I'm finished here."

She confesses this with a loud sigh like the words were forced out of her mind.

My eyebrows furrowed now even more, if she's not here to threaten me, accuse me or yell at me the least, then what is she doing here? I was hella confused.

"I guess you could take that leap of faith once I'm out the picture. You'd be good for him and he'll be good I swear he has the kindest heart. Just be patient with him and don't give up" She finished off which got me in a baffled haze.

She's breaking up with her boyfriend and is entrusting me with him? What the hell happened? Did the sun freeze over? Or did planet earth rotate in the wrong direction this morning?

I wanted to scoff and tell her to bring out the hidden cameras hinting at this prank she was pulling.

But once she stood up relieved that she got that all off her shoulder I basically understood that she was indeed serious and not joking around.

I accompanied her to the door as she retreated away from this hard task she finally managed to complete despite its extreme level of difficulty.

After she bid me farewell, she hopped in her car carefree and in matter of seconds her Mercedes was racing the wind disappearing from my sight.



What the hell was that about?

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What the hell was that about?

I almost died writing this chapter. Character development we claim herr🖐

(I was literally half asleep while scribbling this out ;) )
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