15 - Misunderstandings & Cafeterias

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Sophie's PoV:

The agonizing few inches between us were messing with my head, add on that the subtle smell of his dazzling cologne, and I was a goner.

We both move closer and closer in desperate need for eliminating the few centimeters getting in the way.

Our eyes are locked on each other, nothing really mattering besides the two sets of brown poles sharing a virtual hug.

Suddenly a ding hears, completely spoiling the moment we had, or almost could've had.

I jerk back in reaction, the awkwardness engulfing the whole atmosphere, I just want to hide my face in a black hole and never recover.

He seems taken aback as well, snapping out of a haze, clearing his throat in an attempt to avoid the awkward situation.

My eyes to the source of the noise that cut off whatever we had going on, landing on my phone lit with a new notification.

I grab it reading who texted me, finding it was in fact Kira. Her message read:

'movie night without me -_-
Both you and Cole are so going to be whipped cream when I'm finished with you *_* '

I flinch slightly at the harsh words but chuckle nonetheless shaking my head, this is so Kira.

"Umm.. I should probably go" Dylan's voice reaches my ears reminding me of his presence and the embarrassing moment we shared just a few seconds earlier.

"You know you could stay here if you want" I offer him.
"You know, about what you said about your mom telling you to crash at one of your friends" I trail off nervously with pink tainted cheeks.

He seems to settle for a good 15 seconds on my offer, contemplating whether it might be a good option or not.

To cut the root of uncertainty, I add "Well, as you can see I'm all alone here and the house is big, plus it's not like my parents are here to object" I throw in the last part sarcastically.

Upon hearing my constant nagging he finally gives in and nods his head. "I guess ok, ic that's fine with you" He replies and a smile ups my face.

"Yeah, it's fine with me. Just make sure it's fine with your girlfriend. I don't want an angry Lexi knocking on my door tomorrow morning claiming I seduced her boyfriend" I put the word seduced in air-quotes, emphasizing it.

His eyebrows raise in account to my words, I could notice a hint of shock and surprise visible on his face.

"Lexi isn't that bad" He says with his voice low, barely audible. "Besides even if you were trying -which I know you're not- I'm not a cheater that easily gives in" He sounded hurt at my comment.

"I know I didn't mean that, it's just you know how-" I never got to finish my explanation because he cuts me off.

"It's fine, I'll just leave and crash at Alex's or Scott's" He lets out a heavy breath and proceeds to gather his keys and belongings to go.

I hurt his feelings didn't I?
Oh my gosh, sometimes I don't think before blurting the words out of my mouth. I would like to slap myself in the face.

Upon gathering all his belongings, he walks to the front door, mutters a tasteless 'good night' and leaves.

Just like that.

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