9- People & Projects

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Sophie's PoV:

After the heaviness induced, most awkward car ride had finished, Dylan dropped me off.

Right when I was about to turn to my house's entrance, just after closing the car door, I remember that I'm still engulfed in the warmth provided by his heavenly scented jacket.

I turn hurriedly to face him from the passenger side's window, where I previously occupied, and start shrugging the jacket off.

"Your jacket" I tell him as a reminder, while my hands are busy working the zipper.

"Keep it" He says, with a ghost of a grin apparent on his face, and I freeze in shock for a moment.

"Umm, thanks" I say and turn around, walking in the direction of my house and I notice that the car didn't drive off until I reached the door.

I smile sheepishly to myself, tugging at the seemingly long sleeves that swallow my entire hands; and frankly the whole jacket is huge on me, but I'm not complaining in any way.

After entering my quiet house, finding it empty of any traces of my parents being there, I go up to my room.

Setting my bag aside on my desk chair, I sigh and just dive straight into my bed.

Laying on my back, I fold both my arms behind my head, face staring into the ceiling.

Thinking back to the eventful day I experienced, I'm not sure how it all took place, or what even drove me to behave the way I did.

As I'm drifting away to deep thoughts, I can hear the light splatters of rain banging on my windowsill.

A lazy smile forms on my face, I like rain. The sound it makes as it pours down from the sky is just so nostalgic and calming creating a cosy atmosphere.

My memory takes me back to a few weeks ago, when I got detention and carried my books outside in the rain as Dylan pulled up to the pavement and gave me a ride.

Just like today, his kind nature happened to stumble upon me, and it appears as though he's this way all the time.

Sighing, I close my eyes in the dark room, shifting so I'm laying on my side. My hands involuntarily stuff themselves in the front pockets of the jacket, and I lower my head, closer to the fabric.

Smelling the masculine scent, it dizzies my head in a good way. I think of his words as I stepped out of his vehicle.

When I was about to return the jacket, he said 'keep it'. He surely meant to keep it just for the night, and to return it later tomorrow at school or something, right?

This would be the decent thing to do anyways.
My subconscious answers.

In the midst of all the wondering and questioning, I somehow drift to sleep unknowingly.


The light from my window, penetrates its way through the glass and attacks my eyelids, forcing them to open.

Waking up, taking in my surroundings, I notice myself still wearing my jeans and Dylan's jacket, which automatically takes me back to yesterday.

A knowing smile forms on my face and I get up, preparing myself for school, skipping my way to the bathroom.

After finding myself presentable enough to manage not looking like I'm homeless, I pick an apple from the pot placed on the kitchen table and head out.

The moment I open the door, instant chills form everywhere on my skin due to the scathingly cold wind that's blowing outside.

I pull my jumper and scarf tighter to my body, sheltering myself from the attacks on my skin.

Reaching school, for the past few weeks I've successfully managed to somehow arrive on time, which supports the theory that people can actually change and become better.

Just kidding, people don't change.

Opening the door to Mrs. Norton's first period class, I make my way to my usual seat, only to find someone else already seated in my place.

Great. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm invisible.

Mrs. Norton's voice reaches my ear "Good morning, Sophie, I took liberty and assigned your seat to Kira, you can sit down in the empty seat next to Dylan in the back of the class".

I open my mouth to protest, or plea or do something, though it seems that Mrs. Norton was not in the cheerful mood to hear my voice, since she turned to the board, completely shrugging my existence off.

Rude much?

Huffing and puffing, I -not so gladly- take my new assigned seat, setting my things on the table as loudly as I can just to get on Mrs. Norton's nerves.

Call me petty.

"Look who woke up on the wrong side of their bed" Dylan's remark catches me off guard. I recover fast and reply to his comment with another sarcastic one.

"At least I didn't wake up in yours" as the words left my mouth, I gained realization of what I actually said, and my cheeks turn crimson red, I face him to find a smirk plastered on his face.

What am I doing? Unconsciously flirting with a taken guy.
This is so disrespectful to himself, his girlfriend and myself.

"I'm sorry, that's not what I meant" I rush the words out of my mouth, so he knows I didn't mean it like that..

"It's ok" He shrugs and I turn my focus to the boring equations Mrs. Norton is scrambling on the white board.

After one torturous class, Mrs. Norton clears her throat at the end of the lesson.
"As you all know, we're closing to the ending of the first semester before Christmas holiday and winter break. There's an assignment you're required to do that equals half of your grade"

She continues "So if you're not planning on failing your senior year, you'll put some effort into this project.

The assignment will be in pairs, and the easiest way is having the same pairing as the seating arrangements. So your partner is the person seated next to you".

The class breaks out in different reactions, some happy, others definitely not much so.

Deciding she had enough of the unnecessary noise, she adds "Don't even try, that's the final division, and there will be no changes. Good luck"

She finishes, then leaves the class to weep the tragedy on our own.



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