20 - Phone calls & Fights

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Sophie's PoV:

Saying that Lexi's short visit left me completely baffled would definitely count as an understatement.

I couldn't get what was it that caused her this drastic change of personality, although I can't really say I 100% knew her as a person to begin with.

I mean sure, I was familiar with her at school, come to think of it, I only had known her as other people perceived her as, of maybe once or twice crossed paths with her in the cafeteria.

I'm sure as hell these don't suffice to draw up a thorough character analysis on her. My head spins and turns in various directions and a splitting headache seems to be headed on the rise.

The deafening silence of nothing but the loudness of my hurling thoughts is cut off by the sound of a constant beeping.

I sigh and stretch from my laid back position on the couch and reach my arm out to grab my phone that's lying there vibrating on the coffee table.

"Hello?" I speak into it after pressing the accept button.

"Soph, hmm, hey this is Alex. I know that you and Dylan aren't on the best terms right now, but he got into a car accident and we're currently in the hospital and I thought that you should know"

My heart falls from my chest into my clenching stomach. This excruciating pain takes over my beating heart and the air gets knocked out of my lungs.

Alex senses my overlong silence must not be a good sign, and so he continues "You don't have to come if you don't want to, I'll- "

Before he gets to finish his sentence, my voice catches my own surprise "Of course I'm coming, text me the hospital's address"

I said hastily and cut the call short.

Dylan, what've you done?


A rough 25 minutes after, I'm entering through the hospital's double sided glass doors, making a run for the front desk.

I'm met by a young lady, probably in her late thirties behind the desk, her fingers working the outdated computer sitting in front of her.

My heavy breath from sprinting over must've warned her of my presence, the clicking noise stops and she lifts her head from the screen.

"Oh, hey there, how can I help you?" She asks politely sporting a soft smile on her pink adorned lips.

"Hey, I'm here to see Dylan Thirwall, he's gotten into a car accident and has been brought here an hour ago" I manage to speak while trying to clam the buzzing of my own heartbeat in my ears.

She offers a tight lipped smile, her fingers pushing the buttons on the controller.
A few moments later she quirks her head up.

"He's in 3rd floor, room 367. Mind me asking how are you related? The record here shows he's an only child?"

Like a deer caught in the headlights, my eyes grow as huge as saucers. Afraid that any wrong type of answer will not grant me the permission to go visit Dylan, I quickly blurt out "He's umm, my friend".

I hoped this answer would've been enough, she quirks an eyebrow up in a teasing manner "A friend huh?" A wicked smile hangs from her lips and my cheeks go red as to what she's implying.

I quickly nod my head in yes to answer her prying question and mutter a rushed 'thank you' and dart towards the elevator.

After getting in and pressing the button with the number 3, in the meantime I gather my nerves and slow my erratic breathing to look as calm and collected as most can be.

The elevator dings, signaling I've arrived to the destined floor, and I suck in a deep breath before stepping out, as though I'm taking my first step into a battlefield.

My eyes scan the hallways until a bunch of people catch my attention. I notice Alex, Scott and Cole are hoisted in a corner.
Scott is seated in a metal chair with his head in his hands, looking almost..defeated.

Next to him sat Cole with a ticking jaw and a bouncy leg, seething mad; looking as he's eager to beat the shit out of someone.

While these two occupied the metal seats, Alex was standing not far from them, head bowed down, posture leaning on the wall almost as if he can't hold his own weight up.

My eyes softened upon seeing my friends like that. They all looked hurt, sad and defeated which made me worry more to the condition Dylan was in. Is he ok??

My boots make a light padding as the hit the tiled floors each step I take towards them. The first one to notice my presence is Alex. His face brightens up a little and a soft smile adorns his lips, though it never reaches his eyes, understandably.

"What happened? Where is he?" I say coming closer to them.

My voice seems to have sobered Cole and Scott from whatever trance they've been trapped in, seemingly their heads snap up towards my figure.

Alex bounces off his wall of support and grabs my hand in his. "Don't worry, he's been stabilized. The doctor said he's a lucky one and he's in there sleeping, you know anesthesia and all"

His words land the wanted effect on me, noting that I nod in response while my glassy eyes fight the tears to not fall down.

"What is she doing here?" Cole hisses to Alex in a raging voice and then continues to make eye contact directly with me "What are you doing here?" He spits with fury and furrowed eyebrows.

I stumble a bit in my stance, my face looking all puzzled and lost, before I get to say anything a fifth figure closes in, and that's when I see Kira with two coffee cups in her hand nearing Cole, she gives me a nod and then crunches over to him speaking in a gentle voice so gentle, I couldn't hear out what she was saying to him.

This seemed to do the trick, because Cole instantly sat down and didn't look like he wanted to rip mg head out anymore.

Whatever Kira did to him I'm thankful for it.


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