21 - False Positivity

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Sophie's PoV:

It felt like a lifetime before the doctors finally allowed us to enter Dylan's room to check in on him.

They advised that we'd be quiet and try not to disturb him much or stress him out, which is understandable since he's been in a car accident and he's suffering from a concussion.

We all file into the hospital room, the first thing I notice is Dylan's sleeping form on the uncomfortable looking bed in the center of the room.

My heart clenches at the paleness of his face. He looks like he's drained and I wanted to do anything in my power to make the color return to his cheeks.

It's as if I wanted to sprint buying a box of crayons and come back to paint him his usual dazzling smile.

I shake the thought away from my unstable brain, and look around the well sized room. White dominated the setting, with it being the color of the walls, bed sheets, the floor tiles; basically almost everything apart from a brown leathery seat and a beige counter both served near the hospital bed.

When we eventually settled in, Scott was the first to sprint over to the leather seat calling it dibs, and while doing so Alex hisses "Careful idiot, you're going to wake him up" in a whisper-yelling voice.

To which Scott widened his eyes in realization "oh, totally forgot about that" I smile to myself. Typical Scott.

I look over to the angel sprawled out on the bed to sense if he's woken up or disturbed by the action. His steady breathing continues as it was, and I sigh in relief.

I do remember the doctor though saying he's heavy on sedatives so it might be a while before he actually wakes up, to which we didn't mind as long as our friend woke up fine

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I do remember the doctor though saying he's heavy on sedatives so it might be a while before he actually wakes up, to which we didn't mind as long as our friend woke up fine.

When we were out talking with doctor Emma, she actually asked about his parents, ad to they're his legal guardians, and his parents. Naturally they'd want to be here for their son.

I couldn't dismiss the way Cole's shoulders tensed upon bringing up his parents, and I figured that it was a sour topic best left untouched.

I sigh remembering my own parents, what if someone had called them informing them that I was in an accident and was in a hospital, what would they say? What would they do?

'Thanks for informing us. We're sure she'll get better' and they'd probably just send a bouquet of 'get better soon' flowers. Shaking my head nonchalantly at the scenario I swallow in my humorless chuckle.

I shake off the disappointment engulfing my rattled brain and we all stand there next to his bed, well except for Scott who's seated -I think we already established that- trying not to overwhelm his sleeping form, as if at any minute he's bound to open his eyelids and panic at the sight of four pair of eyes staring at him like he's some lab hamster in a scientific experiment.

I take a good look at his features, he had numerous scars and scratches scattered around on his face. Nothing looked serious though. Thanks god.

Though his face doesn't look that bad of a condition, I couldn't be sure as to the rest of his body -from the chest down- wast covered in a thin white quilt preventing me from further assessing his condition.

I just hoped somehow beneath the light sheets he was all okay, not missing a limb hopefully.

"Is he waking up anytime soon?" Scott asks in a small voice after moments filled with silence.
He tilts his head to the side, averting his attention from his best friend for the first time since we entered.

"If you keep blabbing like that, yeah he might" Cole responds with agitation in his voice and a bit of frustration too.

"I mean he can't stay asleep forever right?" He says laughing then his face fell as if considering the possibility "Right??" He asks more urgently hoping someone would defuse this idea right away.

"Of course not stupid, you heard the doctor, he's knocked up by sedatives." Came Cole's attempt at easing the worries and the quieting the roaming doubts I'm sure floating around not only in Scott's head.

I'm sure we all thought of a worse case scenario, maybe that's just human brain reaction to bad news. To conjure up the worst outcome possible to ready the-self.

I cross my arms across my body, pursing at the negative thoughts invading my mind. I wish it was easy to shake away the unwanted thoughts that gnawed at the fearful part of our brains.

We fall into a deafening silence, no one saying a word, all battling our own thoughts in our heads, too afraid to make a sound.

A sudden groan pulls the attention of us all to the source of noise. My eyes widen at the rustling sheets and my heart picks up pace like stupid crazy. I'm sure everyone ten blocks away could hear it.

Dylan scrunches his eyebrows and hisses, by the looks of it he's in a lot of pain, I wanted to take that all away, make everything alright again, but I knew I'm no superhero unfortunately.

He seems bothered by the light coming through the window, like the sun rays would burn if they grazed your skin, or worse, appealed to your eyes.

I dart out and close the cheep curtains trying to be as quiet as possible and not make any unnecessary noise that could worsen his condition.

Alex gets closer, Scott stands up from his seat, all gathering up like little children at the circus for the first time ever.

All the waiting and anticipation flied out the window at the sudden groggy words.

"Who are you?" Dylan's words stopped the air in all of our lungs and all our faces fell along with the false positivity.



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