16 - Lunchtime & Fidgeting

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Dylan's PoV:

A knock on the window woke me up, forcing me to pluck my heavy eyelids open.

The morning sunlights penetrates in and I grunt in response. I stretch my arms up and they hit the car ceiling which causes me to hiss involuntarily.

I take a look at the source of knocking, finding a man in his late twenties, 30 at most, looking at me with pity in his eyes, although trying not to let the air of authority slip away from his aura.

I roll the driver's seat's window down and look at him expectantly. He opens his mouth to let the words out, though it seems like they've somehow escaped him.

He brings his hands closer to his mouth, blowing his hot breath in a desperate attempt to warm up his frozen fingers.

Finally, he sighs heavily as if hating what he's going to say next, but having to nevertheless and it fogs up my glass.

"Hey, look man. Sorry to wake you up but you should really start the car and go. The manager hates it when someone parks early in the mornings alone here. Says it's kind of creepy and scares the customers off"

He confesses in an apologetic way, with sympathy exuding his black eyes. Like it's the last thing he wanted to do in life; kick a teenager kid out of a local shop's deserted parking lot up and early.

I sigh, my head and neck hurt from the uncomfortable position I've been sleeping in "Yeah, sure man" I return the pitiful smile and ignite the car.

I take a look at my phone to find the time is already 9:17.


School's started almost two hours ago.
It must be half through third period by now. I pull out of the parking lot, making my way home in order to take a quick shower and change my clothes.


I made it to school just in time for lunch.
I maybe missed the first 3 periods, but at least I made just in time to get something in my grumbling stomach.

I make my way to the cafeteria after being out of the principal's office, promising Mrs. Davidson that it's my last time showing up late to school.

Pushing open the heavy glass doors, I start walking my legs towards our table and my eyes are met with a new sight.

Look who decided to bless us with her presence for lunchtime. I keep my surprise at bay, keeping my facial features as neutral as a stone.

Once I reach the table I great them "Hey guys" I say and all five pairs of eyes snap to me in puzzlement.

I take the only empty seat between Cole and Sophie, and set my backpack on the ground beside me.

Cole gives me the look and I raise my eyebrows in question. If he has anything he should just say it to my face.

"Well looks like someone had a busy night last night" He says with a smirk and winks my way in a flirtatious way.

He thinks I spent last night at Lexi's?
She and I haven't been on good terms lately since we had a fight a few days ago..

The snarky remark seems to have caught the guys' attention as well, as Alex chokes on his ham sandwich, while Scott's eyes grow as huge as saucers.

Kira has that stoic cold expression on her face upon mentioning Lexi, and Sophie is just playing with her food tastelessly, not having uttered as much as a single word since I've sat.

Kira has that stoic cold expression on her face upon mentioning Lexi, and Sophie is just playing with her food tastelessly, not having uttered as much as a single word since I've sat

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(Dylan 😍)

"Whatever man" I shrug his comment off and busy myself with my phone, noticing Kira nudging Cole with her elbow, most probably reprimanding him about his rude comment.

To which he shoves another fry in her mouth in order to shut her up. Which seemed to do the trick because the table grows dead with silence after that.


After the most silence filled, awkwardness induced meal of my life finished, I gladly announce that lunchtime is over and head to my next class, which should be my forth for today, but hey, perks of falling asleep in your car and not setting the alarm.

As I'm walking through the hallways, Lexi and I meet eye to eye, as she's standing with one of her friends chatting in front of her locker.

I keep composed, urging myself to walk away in silence, not creating another scene in the halls after my last warning a few weeks ago.

I keep walking straight, when I notice her hot gaze pinned on me. I decide to just ignore her scorching eyes burning holes at the back of my head and just keep straight.

The day passes relatively fast, I had just one more class before I can walk out of this prison. To my utter fortune, it's Mrs. Norton's class.

Yep, the very one where Sophie is assigned as my desk mate. The very person I hadn't had a single word with ever since last night where I kind of felt offended and left her house.

I probably overreacted, I'm sure she meant no harm, but just a few days ago, Lexi had the nerve to accuse me of cheating, saying that my energy was off.

And it pisses me off that people really think that low of me. It takes a lot of fucking nerve to break someone's trust like that. And besides, if I wanted to cheat I could just go break things off with Lexi and enjoy life as a single guy.

I make my way to our joint desk and plop down turning my head in Sophie's direction. She acts all nonchalant, unbothered by my whole existence and I sigh. Seems someone is as stubborn as me..

I keep waiting for her to break her silence, to finally decide to let her anger out on me and snap, because clearly she is irritated with me, she's been fidgeting with her pencil way too aggressively not to be mad.

But to my dismay, it never came. The bursting volcano never erupted and my eyes contorted to the shapes of question marks wondering why is she giving me the silence treatment.



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