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Raven (Devils Soul MC #1) by Paix15
Raven (Devils Soul MC #1)by Paix15
Raven is a mute, 21 year old badass who has been through enough tragic events to last her a lifetime but when the President of The Devils Soul MC notices her, will he b...
Lethal Protector: RWBY × Yang × OC (By Inspector19) by Inspector19
Lethal Protector: RWBY × Yang × Inspector19
When a seventeen year old orphan with extraordinary physical abilities beyond anyone's comprehension and a genius-level intellect who is a huge fan of the fan of the TV...
My story w Travis👅 by shutthefuckupboi
My story w Travis👅by shutthefuckupboi
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Dylan O'Brien Imagines by emilyM7411
Dylan O'Brien Imaginesby Emily0606
A book filled with imagines of Dylan O'Brien and Stiles Stilinski💕 Requests are open🌼 I write: Smut Angst Fluff There will be warnings at the beginning of each story. ...
Psychology Says by MsGorehound
Psychology Saysby ai
Need foods for your brain? Read my book and discover the psychology world. Enjoy reading and don't forget to vote!
Where to start? by ismellab-tch
Where to start?by ✨Beep beep✨
Today was supposed to be a relaxing work day where all I had to do was run some errands and finish some paperwork. But some how I am in Akutagawa's apartment taking a ba...
My nightmares by Hi_Me_Bean_Man
My nightmaresby Hi_Me_Bean_Man
Sensitive topics!! anyway this book was started after a 3 day long nightmare I can't shake off.
I Wish My Life Was heaven by Astronomerloversimp
I Wish My Life Was heavenby Astronomerloversimp
Ryan life was perfect until he meet his bestfriend Lucas's boss Natalie Golden her beauty may shine but her secrets are now showing in the light of day.
my brothers' best friend.. corbyn besson by smileseavey
my brothers' best friend.. kenzie🦋
corbynbesson has liked your post! in which Daniel Seavey's sister and Corbyn Besson fall in love over social media. Wish Corbyn and Maci luck ;)
The home to my soul,  by Snoopszz
The home to my soul, by Snoopszz
Julieta Maribel Milanesi Swan, Or Juliet, for short Is the younger sister to Isabella, Or Bella, Swan. Juliet did not grow up in the States she grew up in a small town i...
Lost secrets  by ihearttsslutss
Lost secrets by Pretty.m
(Smut)A girl and a boy meets but this boy is hiding a secret that the girl soon finds out. Will their love keep them together or will it all fade away.
Legends of Ethergarde: Character Encyclopedia by LegendsOfEthergarde
Legends of Ethergarde: Character Lyarie
This is the Character Encyclopedia for my characters. The following characters originate from the future animanga, "Legends of Ethergarde". Enjoy them all, her...
Information about autism by EmmaleeMadsen
Information about autismby Emma-lee Madsen
Helpful information about autism
criminal minds imagines.  by rainingfanfics
criminal minds imagines. by e !
imagines of our favorite agents ! <3 requests are closed!
trouble maker brats  by khadija_kookie
trouble maker brats by cookie
this story is of namjoon his wife and their sons taekook
teen wolf imagines.  by rainingfanfics
teen wolf imagines. by e !
imagines of the boys from teen wolf! requests are closed <3
Life with the Flash by urmom_hasacrushonme
Life with the Flashby Lili
Ok so I mean it's kinda in the title but there is a lot of smut and I mean A LOT 😏😉. It's basically about ur whole life with Barry from when you first met to when he...
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the suicide hotline | ✔️ by artifcatious
the suicide hotline | ✔️by ღ n i c o l e ღ
when a girl seeks help, and calls to a hotline. she asks to speak to the same person, maybe he's the reason she's still alive.