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"Evan!" I ducked when another hand came at my face. Gregor was here. Grabbing a handful of Ross' hoodie, he yanked him backwards away from me. Leaning back on the wall behind me, I let out a sigh of relief. I could hear words being exchanged between the two of them, but I wasn't registering what was being said. That could have gone so many ways. I was so grateful for Gregor. Thank God he had found me when he did. 

Shaking the thoughts from my head, I stood up. Forcing my feet to drag me away, I ignored the fact that I could see Gregor hitting Ross. As much as I hate violence, I'm too tired. Somebody else could deal with them. Making my way through the garden, I picked up Gregor's cowboy hat from the ground and put it on. I tilted it downwards a little so that people couldn't see the redness of my cheeks. I need a breather.

Molly wouldn't be willing to leave, and I wasn't comfortable enough to seek Thomas out just yet. I think if I found a corner to wallow in for a few minutes I'd be fine. Walking through the patio doors and entering the kitchen, I grabbed an empty cup off the counter, and kept going through the house. Now I had something to occupy my hands.

The hallway held a moderate buzz, and the screams from the living room were probably audible from the road outside. I shuffled through the crowd that had congregated at the bottom of the stairs, careful not to touch anyone, and climbed the steps.

The bathroom upstairs was massive. And empty. People would be mad they were a toilet down, but I'm pretty sure Evie had like three other bathrooms. Locking the door behind me, I passed the mirror hanging above the sink. My cheeks were still flushed a deep pink colour, far too dark to pass off as a blush. Shrugging a shoulder at my reflection, I climbed into the bath, letting my legs hang partially over the edge. After fighting with my shoes for a minute or two, I managed to loosen them enough to kick them off. My thoughts began to wander. Maybe being alone wasn't the best choice I could've made. A noise from the window on the other side of the room made me sniffle and wipe away the traitor tears that had rolled down my face.

The window was pulled upwards, and then a leg passed through, landing on the window seat beneath. Then someone was shouldering their way through, their other leg following. It was Jared, and he stumbled a bit once he realised he wasn't alone. 

Another body began pulling themselves through the window. The scuffed vans attached to smooth, dark skinned legs made one of my brows jump a little. Her pink sparkles catching in the light, Molly stood on the window seat, shutting the window and pulling her skirt down.

She turned around and froze. I smiled, despite the slight sting. Jared was just staring at my hat. I was trying not to squeal at my best friend. All three of us were quiet. I broke the silence.

"Now I know why you shaved." Molly slapped both hands over her face. I giggled a little. I hoped my voice hadn't sounded shaky. Jared had a small smirk on his face as he turned to face Molly. 

Putting hands on her waist, he lifted her the small distance from the window seat to the floor. It took a few seconds for him to remove them, and then he leaned in, muttering something into her hair. Molly snorted, and shoved him by the chest. Jared stepped away from her and made his way to the door. Stopping to nod at the two of us, he unlocked the door and left. 

Molly rushed over and locked the door behind him, sliding her body down it.

"Oh wow." She muttered, looking over at me. I burst into a fit of laughter.

"That good?"


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