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Me and Molly exited the room and made our way to the kitchen, where it was somehow even more crowded. 

"What happened in there? Y'all were so red!" Molly exclaimed, reaching into the back of the silver fridge and grabbing the necks of two beer bottles. Handing one to me, she snatched up the discarded bottle opener from the counter and popped them both open. I smiled nervously and took a long drink as a crimson blush spread its way from my cheeks down my neck to my chest. After finishing my whole beer whilst avoiding eye contact with Molly, I finally met her persistent gaze and abandoned my empty bottle on the side.

"Okay, so I was supposed to go in with Ross, right? But once we got in there, and my panic disappeared a little, Seeley told me that he wouldn't have let Ross in there with me? But nothing happened." I rushed out in one big breath, and once Molly's eyes had widened to the size of saucers, and she was frozen in place, I skedaddled out of there. 

I found myself in another room, which was pretty hazy with smoke. I found Evie and two boys I didn't recognise sitting on the floor next to a massive empty stone fireplace. Approaching them, I said hi to Evie and sat down as she introduced me to the boys. The boy next to me with green streaks in his hair was Jacob, and the boy in the beanie next to Evie was Baxter. I felt comfortable with Evie, and the boys were lovely. After a few minutes of getting to know the boys, Baxter disappeared with a promise to return. Soon he was back with a small plastic tub, like one you would put leftovers in. Squatting behind me and half leaning on my back, Baxter cracked open the box, and inside lay some brownies.

"Are we ready for the magic to happen, ladies and gents?" Evie gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek before leaning in and grabbing one. I took two, because this wasn't my first rodeo, and past times I've tried grass it's helped with my anxiety a lot. As we sat and devoured the box between the four of us, after long, the tub was empty, and there was 4 and a half hash brownies floating around in my tummy. 

Evie pulled me up to dance, as somebody put some loud music on in the background. We danced and giggled for a few minutes, waiting for it to hit us. I still felt pretty sober when Jacob whisked me into his arms, and I fell into his chest, a giggling mess. He laughed with me and we began to use some old style dance moves on each other.

"I'll be back in a hot minute - Bella didn't deserve you anyway!" I announced to Jacob as I moon walked backwards into the hall. Humming under my breath Beat It by Micheal Jackson as I searched for the toilet, I eventually found it and tinkled, then I left. Don't worry! I wiped guys.

Heading to the kitchen, I found an unopened packet of strawberries in the fridge and helped myself. As I pulled myself up onto the side counter and munched on them, I caught Seeley's eyes in the crowd. He was pretty hot. I waved excitedly at him as he made his way towards me.

"Heyyyyy." I drawled as he approached me. His hands went to my knees and he pulled them apart, stepping in between them. That was very much adequate. I bit into another strawberry as his twinkly blue eyes searched my face for something. Aw man, did I have strawberry juice on my face? Tossing the end away, I picked up another strawberry from the punnet and held it between my teeth as I reached across the counter the grab a napkin. Seeley reached up and pulled the strawberry out of my mouth, and bit into it. Handing me back the other half of the strawberry, I thought I was going to die. I shrugged the thought away and chucked it into an abandoned half empty cup next to me.

"Yo, how many hairs do you think you have on your knuckles? I bet there's probably a lot, maybe they're blonde like mine, y'know?" I reached for his right hand, that was holding tightly to the counter next to my thigh and began tracing my fingers over it to find hairs.

His left hand reached up to my face and gripped my chin gently, forcing my to raise my eyes from the serious inspection on his knuckles. Goddamn, now I've lost count. I pouted at him, but his stoic expression never faltered as he searched in my eyes.

"What did you take?" He muttered, and I stuck my tongue out at him, crossing my eyes.

"Calm down, just some magic brownies. Sometimes I forget how much they help me de-stress, y'know." 

"How many did you have?"

Squishing his cheeks together with my palms, I sent myself into a fit of giggles. He looked like a chipmunk!

"Y-you look so cute!" I could barely talk I was laughing so much. He snatched both my wrists into his right hand and held them tight.

"Bro, please break my back like a glow stick." I muttered as I felt my underwear dampen, but I saw him smile and that freaked me out. He heard me? No! I have to get away from his hotness. Wrangling my hands from his grasp, I wriggled off the counter, stumbling a bit in my heels, and made my way outside for some fresh air. Maybe there's stars! Why did I wear these shoes?

Opening the slide-y door, I stepped out and was instantly met with fresh, cool air. It made me feel electrifying! Golly gosh, this was one of those times I wish I had read the Harry Potter books as a kid. The speaker next to the pool began a Fleetwood Mac song, and I almost screamed when I realised it was Rhiannon playing. 

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