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Back at the cabin, we were standing in our room getting changed out of our wet clothes. My cheeks still hadn't cooled from the blush that had spread over them during the kiss. Oh my gosh, the kiss. I'd never been kissed like that before. Sheesh

I glanced over my shoulder to find Seeley's back facing me, as he peeled the wet white fabric over his head. Feeling the blush spread down my neck, I looked away. My brows furrowed.

Sneaking another look at the intimidating boy across the room, I found what had caught my eye a second ago. A long, jagged white scar decorated the skin from his left shoulder blade, all the way to the small of his back, edging over his spine slightly. It was massive. And it looked so sore. My stomach hurt at the pain Seeley must have gone through to get that. I decided I hated whatever, or whoever, had done that to him.

Turning back to the clothes on my bed, I bundled them up and made my way to the bathroom. Wrestling out of my wet clothes that were starting to make me sniffle, I changed into a pair of light pink denim mom jeans, and a plain white sleeved top. I was already tired. Bird watching really seemed to take it out of me. 

Or maybe it was all the kissing, my subconscious reminded me.

Shaking the thought away, I picked up the wet pile of clothes, and exited the bathroom, to find Seeley gone. Something like disappointment settled over me. I brushed the feeling away and kept moving. Hanging the dungarees and top over the end of my bed, I made sure none of it touched the bedding. 

For a moment, I wondered what Seeley had thought about the kiss. Was it good for him? Nope! I wasn't going to spend time worrying about it. Grabbing the first pair of socks I found in my suitcase, I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled them on. I slid my feet into my shoes and left the room, tucking my phone into a back pocket.

Loud voices greeted me as I made my way down the far staircase, and I followed them into the kitchen. Everyone was crowded round the window behind the sinks, watching something and laughing animatedly. Walking round the island in the middle of the room and peeking into the lounge as I passed, I saw Seeley sitting by himself on one of the couches. 

Abandoning my mission to see what everyone was being entertained by outside, I turned towards the lounge and headed over, almost missing the step that divided the two rooms.

"What's going on outside?" Seeley looked up from his phone with a plain expression.

"It's pissing rain, and they made Walter stay out there and light the barbecue." He locked his phone and tossed into the pile of cushions next to him, giving me his full attention.

"So what about the rest of the activities for today? Are we still doing them?" I didn't really going on a three hour hike in the pouring rain. Seeley shook his head, and then nodded at the rest of the couch. I kept listening as I sat down at the other end of the couch, so that I could lean against the arm.

"Nah, they'll call them off. They might make us do one of the indoor activities, but I doubt it. Olivia will probably announce that we have the night off, and everyone will end up either drunk or naked."

"I thought this was a corporate retreat? Is that not super unprofessional?"

"Andrew likes to run his retreats a little differently."

"How many times have you ended up drunk, or... y'know." I couldn't even say the word naked. I can't get anymore awkward.

"None, I'd rather watch them embarrass themselves." I couldn't help the small smile that escaped me. Suddenly, the distance between us seemed huge, despite him only being on the opposite side of the couch. A shiver slipped down my spine.


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