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hi guys! long time no see ;)

here's chapter 18, from Molly's perspective. this should maybe give you some insight into her character. if i did more bonus chapters in the future, who's pov would you like to see? 

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enjoy, xo


Singing mindlessly along to the song playing, I stole a glance at Evan in the back seat. I know she's nervous to see Seeley again. I snapped my gaze back to the front as the car slowed to a stop, Evan giggling quietly. I hoped she would have a good time tonight. Making my way round the front of the car, I watched as Thomas helped Evan out of the back. I was so angry at him for kissing her at Gregor's. He had no right. It was so unfair of him. But I hadn't spoken to him about it yet, and tonight wasn't the time. I wanted to have fun tonight.

Stepping up to Evie's house, there was a commotion in the garden a few steps away from us, but I paid no attention to it. My goal for tonight is to have some fun. And make sure Thomas stays away from Evan. She doesn't deserve to deal with his bullshit. Especially if he decides to get drunk again tonight. I entered through the already open front door, glancing behind me to see Evan trailing behind Thomas.

Quickly, he announced that he was going off to find some of his teammates, which lifted a small weight from my shoulders. I made sure to keep Evan close to me as I stepped in to the room ahead. People were sitting in a circle on the floor, and it was clear some kind of game was about to start. Turning back to check if it was okay with Evangeline, I found she was taking in the room. My eyes found Jared a few steps away. I tried to keep in a smile.

I bent my knees and knelt next to him, elbowing him gently. His drew his eyes away from whatever was on his phone to me. Good. I like it when his attention's on me. He smirked at me. Rolling my eyes, I felt Evan take a seat next to me. Out the corner of my eye, I saw her give Jared a small wave. I watched Jared ignore her and her brows furrow in disappointment. Seeley appeared and stole her attention. I turned back to Jared, who was watching me intently.

"What the hell was that?" He frowned. I was annoyed.


"Evan just waved at you." My brows were high.

"And?" The way this boy pushes all my buttons.

"And you ignored her. Like a dick. Now she's probably wondering why you don't like her." I explained, folding my arms. Jared's eyes dipped to my chest and then met my eyes again. I'm about to strangle him.

"The other day you got mad at me when I waved at Bianca, after she waved at me first. I thought I was dodging a bullet."

"The difference, dumb ass, is that my best friend is a drop of pure sunshine. Whilst Skanky Simmons was reminiscing over old time." I muttered lowly.

"I already told you I don't do repeats." Scowling, I turned away from him and paid attention to the circle. A body shoving it's way in between me and Evan didn't improve my mood. I rolled my eyes as Ross Proby leered at Evan. Seeley was sending him a blank look. Positive he was ready to jump down Ross' throat if he so much as opened his mouth, I looked away. A boy from our year entered the circle and stood in the middle.

"Alright, listen up boys and bitches. Here we have seven minutes in heaven with a twist; someone spins the bottle and it lands on you, you both have to spend 7 minutes in the cupboard," He pointed over to a door. "The only catch is, you have to both leave your tops out here and you only get them back when the seven minutes is up. Capiche?" Whoops resonated around the circle and I rolled my eyes.

Toby spun the bottle for the first couple, excluding himself, and the first people to head into the dark cupboard was Skanky Simmons and Denny Wyatt. The scowl returned to my face. I watched as Bianca and Denny came out of the cupboard. She had a stupid smug smile on her perfectly perfect face, and Denny looked flushed as hell. Some other people went. And then I heard my name being called.

My eyes snapped to the bottle. What?

A hand was reached out towards me. And it was attached to Jared's stupid body. Grabbing his hand roughly, he pulled me to my feet with ease. I hated how easy that was for him. We walked silently to the cupboard, and stepped inside. Just as Jared was sliding the door shut, Toby poked his head in.

"No tops, remember?" He reminded us.

"I'm wearing a dress." I deadpanned.

"More of a show for Jared, amirite?" I didn't like this boy. Staring blankly at him, I waited for him to realise I wasn't stripping. Jared's arm came around my side, pushing his jumper into Toby's arms, he shoved him out of the way and slid the door shut. It was quite dark. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

There was some fumbling, and then a small light bulb flickered on above my head. Jared was standing by the opposite wall, holding on to a small string. He let go of it and made his way back over to me as I breathed a sigh of relief. I hate the dark. Holding his arms open, Jared shut his eyes. I huffed, but slid my arms around his waist and buried my face in his chest. Bending his neck, he buried his face in my hair and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"I'm sorry for bringing it up." He muttered into my hair. I shook my head in answer. He didn't mean it. "I know you don't like the rule, and I promise I stopped using it, Molls. I haven't even slept with anybody since I got back. Just me and my favourite hand." I snorted and broke a smile. I know he felt it against his chest because he smiled into my hair. "Don't let a romp with Skanky Simmons from three years ago ruin your good mood." Jared pressed a kiss into the crown of my head. "I'm sorry." He pulled away slightly and pressed a smooch against my temple. "I'm sorry." A peck on my forehead. "I'm sorry." A peck on the tip of my nose. Quick kisses were peppered on both my cheeks, and a blush made it's way down my neck and chest.

I pulled out of his grasp, and wiped a hand down my face.

"Ew. Please keep your diseases to yourself." I was on fire. A knock on the door drew our attention away from each other.

"Times up!" A voice called. Jared opened the door slightly and grabbed his jumper from the outside handle. Tugging it over his head, he reached out a hand for me, turning the light off with his other hand.

"I want all your diseases, Miss Finn." Grabbing my hand, he pressed a kiss to the back of it, before dropping it and stepping out. God, he makes me sweat so much. I quickly left the cupboard, slightly flushed, and returned to our seats.

Seeley and Evangeline were next. She was supposed to go with that Ross boy, but we all know Seeley would never let that happen. I could see she was on the verge of a panic attack as people shouted, and I went to stand up. A hand laid itself on my left thigh, stopping me. I turned to Jared with an annoyed expression. Evan could have a complete melt down if somebody didn't calm her down. He leaned sideways to speak quietly in my ear.

"Seeley's got her." I glanced up at the two of them entering the cupboard. The door shut and my nerves skyrocketed. I didn't like not being with Evan when she was so on edge. Who knows how Seeley's about to handle her? My hands dropped to my lap, and I found Jared's hand was still there. I began to absentmindedly play with the end of his sleeve until Seeley and Evan were finished.

Soon they stepped out, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Evan was bright red and my eyebrows quirked. She nodded at the door, and I smiled, squeezing Jared's arm to tell him to let go of me as I rose to my feet.

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