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After school yesterday, I went home and received all of Mr Jackson's schedule from his old assistant, who sounds absolutely lovely. I spent most of the night reading through it and updating it with the emails he sent me. When I was finished, I watched some episodes of That 70's Show, and then when I tried to go to sleep, all I could think about was Seeley's 'warning'. What did he mean? Whatever it was, it sounded serious. A prank? No, that doesn't sound like the silent Seeley I've heard rumours about.

School passed by quite quickly today, with zero interactions with Seeley. In fact, I don't think I saw him all day. Not that I usually did. After Italian last period, I got all my stuff together and walked home. Once I was home, I chucked all of my folders and my schoolbag on to my bedroom floor, and turned my speaker on. Connecting it to my phone, I began one of my favourite playlists, and started to get my things together for work. Mr Jackson explained in one of his emails last night that I would be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school, and that if I let him know when my study periods were I might be able to come in and fill in more hours, which sounded good.

Stripping of my uniform, I threw them into the laundry bin that sat by the end of my bed, and started to pull on the outfit I had picked out earlier. After donning a thick grey jumper with a white shirt collar with a baby pink skirt that went down to just above my knees, I grabbed my other shoulder bag that I had designated for work, and left my room, grabbing some earphones as I shut the door and turning off my speaker. Padding down the stairs, I shouted goodbye to my mum and Edward, my brother. As I pulled on some black pumps, I started the walk to work. Since on Friday's we finished a few hours earlier, I had time to go home and get changed, rather than getting changed at school in the changing rooms.

Casually making my way towards the office, the ABBA songs that were playing through my earphones only slightly snuffed out the nerves that were rapidly building up in my chest. What if when I turned up Mr Jackson fired me right there on the spot? Was I really that in danger of losing my job already? Before I even started my first proper shift? Seeley's words were resonating in my mind, and it was really stressing me out. I wish he'd been clearer, and given me some answers, instead of creating more questions.

As I entered the firm, I walked towards the lift and waited patiently for it to arrive. The ground floor was almost eerily quiet, but I think it might just be like this all the time. The lift arrived, and I stepped backwards just as the doors opened, so that people could leave it without me being in the way. A woman and a man exited, and as I went to step into the elevator, I realised that there was someone still in it. Weird. 

I smiled and pressed the button for Mr Jackson's floor. Why would someone go all the way downstairs, just to go back up again? As I stole a quick glance at the woman, I saw that she was gorgeous. Like, drop-dead stunning. It made me nervous. She was tall, much, much taller than me (which much of a big deal at my height). Her shoulder length hair was auburn, and it shaped her face sharply, making her look like a model. Her facial features were pointed, and her lined eyes had a cat-like narrow about them. And she was super duper skinny. And tall.

Did I mention she was tall?

We stood in silence as the lift moved slowly, and I could feel the woman's eyes looking me up and down. The lift eventually dinged and the doors opened, and the woman was the first to make a move. She sent me a tight-lipped smile and left the elevator, making her way down the hallway. I shook off the weird vibes that she gave me, and started walking towards Mr Jackson's office.

I stopped just at the medium sized desk just outside of his down, a little to the left - it was set up almost like a receptionist's desk. I plopped my bag on the desk and took a seat. I smiled to myself. I did this. I went out and got myself a job, that doubled as work experience, all by myself. I ignored my anxiety and got results. This was exactly why I told my mum I didn't need medication, I was fine. I could handle it myself. Screw pills.

I put my bag under the desk in an empty little alcove, and started up the desktop computer that was in front of me. The rest of the desk was empty, it had been completely cleared out for me. Since Mr Jackson worked part-time, he only needed a part-time personal assistant. As I checked the drawers I found that they were completely empty too. There was a little bar on the desk, that doubled as storage space and a place to keep folders and paperwork. It also meant that people couldn't see me unless they came right up to the desk since it was a little high, and my height sitting down certainly didn't help.

As I logged into the computer and started to download all the files I had resent myself, I heard footsteps approach the desk. Eeek, scary! My nerves rose as the footsteps drew closer, but they dwindled out slightly as the footsteps walked past me. As the person rounded my desk, they came into my view, and it was the woman from the lift. I don't think she knew I was there, and watched silently as she marched her way past my desk in her stilettos and into Mr Jackson's office, without knocking.

Spinning back round to my desk in my chair, I continued downloading the files. I heard a smash come from Mr Jackson's office, but I was too nervous to go and check if he was alright. What if they were having a massive argument? Confrontation stresses me the flip out. After about an hour, I heard the door open behind me, but I didn't bother to turn around. Footsteps sounded behind me, and as they passed my desk I stole a glance. The woman from the elevator strode past me. I noticed that her blouse looked different from before, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

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