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I slept like a baby last night. Olivia had shown me and Seeley to our room, which was in the attic space of the house, and bid us goodnight. I was so tired that I went straight to bed, picking the twin bed that sat under the window facing the lake.

My alarm had woken me up a few minutes ago, and I'd been scrolling on my phone since then. Olivia had said that we would be given our partners first thing, and safe to say I'm nervous as heck. Light snores drew my attention away from my phone, glancing over at the other bed. All I could see was a lump of duvet, with an arm sticking out from under it. Stifling a giggle, I smiled to myself and sat up in bed. I should get up.

Moving as quietly as possible, I grabbed a pile of clothes from my suitcase and scurried to the en-suite. It was nice. I hadn't paid much attention to it yesterday, but it was fancy. Brushing my teeth and scooshing on some deodorant, I turned to the heap of clothes I had brought. I donned my blue dungarees and a long sleeved yellow top. A knock at the door sounded, making me jump slightly in fright. 

Gathering my pile of stuff, I opened the door softly. Seeley stood in front of me with his arms folded, still half-asleep. Pink blush spread across my face, and I ducked my head as I passed him, avoiding his eyes and muttering a quiet "Morning."

Squatting beside my bed to stuff my things back into my suitcase, I released a sigh at the sound of the bathroom door closing. How was it possible to be embarrassed so early in the morning? I hadn't even done anything, but my heart was racing and my face was on fire. 

I shook away the thought and picked up my hairbrush, taking a seat on the stool in front of the window. Using the small mirror on the windowsill, I brushed my hair into a sloppy plait. I suck at doing my hair. 

Twisting on the stool as the bathroom door opened, I tucked my brush away again. Seeley cleared his throat from the other side of the room, and I glanced up quickly. My heart dropped. Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, Seeley had a smirk on his face as he watched me. 

You could have heard a pin drop with how silent the room was. 

A pair of cheetah print panties were hanging from his index finger. 

MY panties.


lol sorry this is so short but i was literally stuck on how to go from the night before to morning :)

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