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"Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want!"

"So tell me what you want, what you really really want?" My smile felt strong enough to split my face as me and Olivia stood on the kitchen island. A wave of boredom washed over, and suddenly I wanted off of the counter. How did I even get up here? There were no nearby chairs. A figure walking past caught my attention, their back already facing me as they passed.

"Hey!" The person turned around at my voice, and I saw that it was Seeley. Who am I kidding, I knew it was him from the width of his waist and his posture. He came back towards me, and the closer he got, the better I could read his expression. He looked like he was edging on tipsy, which made me feel better, being barely tipsy myself.

"Can you help me down from here?" I reached my arms out and grabbed my hands. His mouth twitched. I always knew he found me secretly funny. Seeley's large hands tenderly grasped my waist, and lifted me down from the island like it was nothing. Colour me impressed. My hands slid down his biceps and forearms as he lowered me to the ground. Heat stirred between my legs, and I looked up at the tall boy to find him already looking at me, inspecting my face.

"How drunk are you?"

"Barely tipsy, you?"

"The same, if that." His answer ignited something in me, and suddenly I was excited. My hands were still resting on his forearms, and his were still on my waist, although I noticed his grip had tightened significantly. Seeley took a small step closer, whilst his hands moved me closer to him. The pressure of his gaze was making a blush spread from my cheeks, down my neck and to my chest. I had to break the eye contact, so I glanced down at my socks for a second and then lifted my neck again to look at him.

And then he was stalking past me, one of my hands engulfed in one of his as he dragged me along behind him. We made it to our room in a matter of seconds, and then we were kissing. We kissed like we were in a rush for something, like if our lips were apart for too long then we would forget what each other tasted like. Somehow, we ended up against a wall. Well, I was against the wall, Seeley's body shadowing mine. 

And then his joggers were off. I'm not sure who instigated taking them off, but neither of us were unhappy about it. He was big, even through his boxers I could tell. I was straddling his lap as we kissed, and then I had dropped between his legs to my knees on the floor. I was ready for this. The small amount of alcohol in my system was barely affecting me, and if it was, then it was only to give me the confidence boost I needed.

"Are you sure?" Seeley's voice made me lift my gaze to meet his eyes.

"Yes, do you not...want me to?" Insecurity leaked into my voice, and Seeley's serious expression was hindered by the slight quirk of the corner of his mouth.

"I want everything from you angel, but not more than you can give. You just need to be sure you want to do it right now." I nodded, and then my fingers were tracing the band of his boxers, and then pulling them down. I was right. He was big.

Licking the precum that was leaking from his tip, I glanced up at him and reveled in the sight of his head dropping back into the pillows, before taking in as much of him as I could. One of my hands was pressing into his thigh, the other was pressing into the soft bedding. 

I must have been doing something right, because soon Seeley had a hand wrapped in my hair, pressing me further onto his dick. It took a few seconds before I got used to breathing fully through my nose, and then I was taking it all. This went on for a while before Seeley let out a low groan, and I had to stop myself from smiling with my lips around his cock.

His reaction boosted my confidence, prompting me to hollow my cheeks and enabling him to hit the back of my throat. Seeley let out a lowly moan, and I had to stifle a grin at the heaviness of his breathing. I did that to him. Me.

And then he was cumming with a quiet groan, and I lapped up every drop of him, making sure to clean him off. Moving off of him, I watched quietly as Seeley tucked his dick into his boxers, the only sound in the room my heaving breathing. I could feel a blush spread across my cheeks and down my neck.

I rose from my knees, suddenly unsure how to act, and moved to sit next to him on his bed. I kept my eyes low, until his hand reached out and cupped my jaw. Looking up at him, I smiled at the sated expression on his face. His thumb brushed against the corner of my lips, and then pressed against them, prompting me to open. I lightly sucked on the thumb now in my mouth, and realized that he must have wiped some stray cum off of my face, judging by the salty taste in my mouth. 

Seeley retracted him thumb, and pulled me into his lap - which I happily settled into.

"You're such a good little girl, aren't you angel?" Seeley murmured, kissing his way along my jawline. I couldn't focus. My brain was getting hazy from all the emotions he was pulling from me. By this point, all the tipsiness had left my body, and all that was left was a bundle of hormones. "Are you okay?" I nodded and smiled, hesitantly pressing a kiss against the corner of his mouth. I pulled back and watched his reaction. The corners of his eyes crinkled with how big his smile was, and it warmed something in my chest. Relief settled over me.

I slid off his thighs and moved to a stand beside the bed, holding out a hand for him. Seeley took my hand gently, and rose to his feet. We disconnected as he moved across the room to pull on his joggers once again. The blush from earlier returned full force. Gosh, he must think I'm some kind of animal. I moved towards the door of the room, but not before leaning over my bed to the vanity mirror. Satisfied with my appearance, I turned to Seeley and ducked under the arm he was using to hold the door open for me.

We returned to the lounge like nothing had happened, and proceeded the drink the night away, sharing delicate glances at each other every so often, reveling in our little secret.


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