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Craning my neck to look at the whole building, my stomach churned in apprehension. Today was my first day on the job, and I didn't want anything to go wrong. I had just finished school, gotten changed and walked the short distance to the law offices a few streets away. The acceptance letter for a part time paid internship had arrived in the mail a few days again, and it was all I had babbled about all week. But now that I was here, standing in front of the massive building on a Wednesday afternoon, anxiety was tearing me apart.

Not giving myself another second to ponder and procrastinate, I stepped inside the building. Making my way to the elevator, I wracked my brain trying to remember the floor number that had been in the letter. Stepping in and pushing a random high number, I crossed my toes and hoped it was the right one. As the doors began to slide shut, I closed my eyes and tried to mentally prepare myself. Dressed in a black pencil skirt with tinted back tights with a pastel yellow blouse tucked in, I hoped I would make the right impression.

"Are you okay?" A deep voice asked me, and my eyes sprung open in shock. A hand was wedged between the elevator doors, causing them to open. My eyes followed the arm until it reached the body and head it was attached to. Involuntary, a gasp escaped my throat before I could stop it.

Entering the elevator with me, was Seeley Blossom. My throat began to close up as I gave him a quick nod, shooting my eyes to look at anything but him. He was almost what you could call a 'bad boy' at our school. He was intense - silent and dangerous would be the best terms to describe him. Even though I'd never heard of him getting in a fight, people were still terrified by him, which I never understood. The only person I had ever seen him converse with other than teachers was his best friend Jared Smith. But anyways, why the heck was he here?

"I'm just nervous, praying for good luck on my first day." He frowned at my words. He was still dressed in what I assume he had worn to school, a dark green sweatshirt and black jeans. I waited with baited breath for the elevator to arrive at my floor, and when it did, I couldn't help the sigh that escaped me in relief. Stepping out, my pumps were silent along the carpeted flooring of the hallway. Room 15, Mr Jackson's office. After finding my way, I stood outside the door for a few seconds, trying to gather my inner strength that was being eaten away by anxiety.

I knocked twice on the door, and took a small step back.

After a few seconds, the door opened slowly, and my heart leaped into my throat. There, stood Mr Jackson of the Jackson and Co Law Firm. Honestly, he was shorter than I expected. His face was twisted into a deep snarl, but as his eyes found my face, it morphed into a wrinkled smile. The transition startled me.

"Ah, you must be the new PA, I assume? Come in, come in, I was expecting my son earlier." His arm reached out, and beckoned me inside his gloomy office. Closing the door behind us, Mr Jackson gestured for me to sit in one of the plush leather armchairs set in front of his desk. I took a seat in the chair closest to the door, with my back to it, as he rounded the desk and sat down with a sigh.

"Alright, dear, what was your name again? My schedule's all a mess today." Mr Jackson chuckled slightly, but the look in his eye made me feel a tad uneasy.

"Yeah I'm here for the personal assistant position, my name is Evangeline Rhodes and-" I was cut off by the door behind me slamming open. Since my back was to it, I couldn't see who it was, and I was too nervous to turn around to look.

"Ah, son! Come, take a seat." Mr Jackson's brow furrowed but he maintained a tense smile for my sake. I heard footsteps and then there was someone sitting in the chair next to me, our knees almost touching. Why were these seats so close? A blush took over my face, travelling down my neck to my chest as I stirred in anxiousness. Looking up, my eyes met those of Seeley and widened. He looked equally as shocked. He was Mr Jackson's son? Gluing my eyes back to the mahogany desk in front of me, Mr Jackson spoke up. "Seeley, you're just in time to meet my new PA, Elderflower here." My brows furrowed.

How do you confuse Evangeline with Elderflower? Sneaking a glance up, Seeley's face remained stoic and tense, his brows furrowed alongside mine.

"That's not her name." He muttered out, but his words were clear in my ears. My brows shot up in surprise. How did he of all people know my name?

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