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Hiking my bag up my shoulder, I walked through the main doors. Clutching my Italian folder to my chest, I made my way through the busy halls and to our claimed table in the canteen. Trying to ignore the loud chatter behind me, I got to the table and dumped my bad and folder on it, collapsing dramatically into the seat. Molly glanced up at me from the book she was reading, and used to my usual antics, went back to reading.

"How did the interview go?" She asked, not tearing her eyes away from the page. I took out my water bottle from my bag and sipped.

"I already told you, I already got the job, yesterday wasn't an interview, it was just me meeting my new boss." At my words Molly's head snapped up from the book.

"Wait, you're telling me you now work under Seeley Blossom's rich step daddy? Bitch, why didn't you start with that!" She exclaimed, tucking her bookmark into her page and shoving the book in her bag, pushing her glasses on to her head.

"Did everybody know Seeley had a stepfather apart from me?" I asked, tucking my bottle back into my bag.

"Evan, that's what happens when you zone out when I tell you all the gossip, you loose your place in the grapevine."

"Anyway, yes, I do work for him. Not sure about his vibe yet, oh! And while I was there, Seeley showed up, and he was there for a while."

"What! And you only felt the need to tell me this now? Bitch, you should've called me once you got home! Did he say anything to you?"

"Well, kinda, but I'm blocking it out because he caught me whispering to myself in the elevator," Molly rolled her eyes at me. "But during the meeting, his stepfather got my name wrong, and Seeley corrected him, it was pretty tense between them though so I left like, straight after." I explained, playing with the thin, green hair tie around my wrist. Molly's jaw was pretty much on the floor when I finished.

She opened her mouth to reply, but just then the bell rang, signalling first period. I stood from my seat and began to sort my things and grab my bag. As I turned around, I came face to face with Thomas' skinny chest. For an American football player, he was pretty twiggy.

"Hey ladies, how are we this morning?" He threw an arm over both mine and Molly's shoulders as we left the canteen and started walking down the hall. I shrugged, and Molly dove into a brief summary of her Wednesday evening, which consisted of her tutoring some guy she didn't name for English and then going home and reading some tea leaves whilst watching Criminal Minds. Molly parted off to her Chemistry class and left me and Thomas walking to the languages department.

"Oh! Sweet cheeks I forgot, how did the interview go?" Thomas asked as we approached the door for his French class. The only reason he took French was because according to him it's the "language of love", and the only class filled with the hottest girls from our year. I rolled my eyes at him.

"It wasn't an interview! I already told you!" I complained, shoving him lightly into his classroom.

I made my way to my Italian class, where we got put into partners for a mini in class project. Luckily, I got paired with a really nice girl called Millie who I've known for a while, and we worked well together on the project. Italian passed quickly, despite it being a double period, and since I had a spare period next I began to make my way downstairs.

Making my way to my locker in the almost empty hallway, I placed my heavy bag on the floor between my legs and started an attempt to shove my Italian folder inside so I wasn't stuck with it all day. Finally getting the folder in my locker, I sighed in relief and picked my bag up from the floor, slamming my locker shut simultaneously. Seeley Blossom was standing directly behind my locker, causing me to flinch in fright when I saw him. Holding a hand to my chest, I tried to calm my rapid breathing - I didn't do well with frights.

"What are you doing?" I demanded, trying to downplay my startled reaction.

"You need to quit." Seeley said, his voice hard and void of any emotion. My eyebrow rose in question, and I started to sweat. Had I done something wrong? Had Mr Jackson told him to fire me already?

"W-what? Why?" I hated the fact that my voice faltered, but my nerves were rising as the seconds ticked by without an answer.

"Calm down," Seeley took a step off of the locker he was leaning against, coming towards me, but the anxiety that began to rise through me rooted me to the spot. "It's not you. I just need you to quit." I could feel my cheeks heating with a blush as I realised how much closer he had gotten as he was speaking.

"B-but, I can't just leave, I just got the job. I need this job." Uni tuition wasn't cheap, and my mum couldn't pay it by herself, as much as she assured me we were financially stable, I saw the stack of unopened bills she tried to hide from me. Plus, it would be nice to be able to take Max out sometime and have a bit extra.

"If you don't leave, you're putting yourself in danger." Seeley said it with a dark expression, and then he gave my face a once over before stepping past me, knocking my shoulder ever-so-slightly. I was left standing in the hall the rest of the period, just staring at the blank space where Seeley had been standing. It wasn't until the bell for break rang, and people began filling up the barren hallways in a noisy crowd. But what did he mean, I would be in danger? Danger from who, him or Mr Jackson? Or was there someone I didn't know yet? My mind racing, I left for the canteen to meet Molly.

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