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Slowly spinning myself in circles in a weird dance, I made my way towards the pool. There was some people lounging in the long lying chair things, whatever they're called. I saw a guy with a cowboy hat on sitting by himself on his phone, and I was immediately drawn to him. Cowboy energy is something everybody needs in their life, even if it's not real. 

"Howdy, sir." I leaned over his shoulder, and laughed as he jumped in fright and dropped his blunt to the ground. Sitting up in the lounge chair, laughing as he leaned down and picked up his 'magic cigarette', he turned around to face me. I didn't recognise him, but the cowboy hat on his perfect brown hair made me want to jump his bones. Whoa, there, down horsey. I need to chillax. 

"Hey, partner." The boy reached up and tipped the front of his hat down.

"I think I'm in love." I muttered to myself, as quiet as a ninja. The boy grinned, and I didn't know why so I just smiled back.

"What's your name, cowgirl?" The boy took the hat off his head and gently placed it on mine. Dear lord, I want to marry this man.

"I'm Evangeline, but you can call me Evan." I watched as he took a drag, his features shadowed by the dull lighting in the garden. Even then, I could make out that he was incredibly handsome, and extremely cute. Not often did you see the two together. I wonder if he likes turtles.

"I'm Gregor, nice to meet you, Evan." He reached out a hand and shook mine, winking at me at the same time. Fanny flutters shook my body, and I smiled. Taking a drag, he shuffled further up the chair, and patted the space next to him as he exhaled. Giggling at him, I took a seat and patted the top of my head to ensure the hat's placement.

"You're fun." I stated simply, and slightly tilted my head back so that I could try and see the stars like an astronaut.

"Friends?" Gregor held up a fist, and as I bumped it with my own, I could feel a smile that hurt my cheeks. I hope I wasn't bleeding. A group of three people came out of the kitchen doors, one of them carrying a speaker. The song Maniac began to play, and I could feel my lungs actually turn into glitter and explode in my chest at the sound. Squealing, I stood up, grabbing my new best friend Gregor's hand and pulling him up with me.

Laughing and singing loudly, I danced wildly around the garden, as Gregor laughed at me and occasionally joined in. His hat flew off of me as I danced, and I pouted, but kept going.

Spinning myself like a ballerina, I managed to spin all the way to the side of the house, where the music was slightly quieter. Frowning at that, I stopped spinning and almost fainted at how dizzy I felt. Stumbling slightly, I lay my hands against the side of the house to try and stop myself from turning into the Tasmanian devil. I could hear the muffled music through the wall. Somebody was playing Mr Brightside, again.

"Hey, do you need some help?" Hearing a voice, I turned around, and met Ross, the boy from earlier. Shaking my head at him and smiling, I silently willed for him to go away. I wanted Seeley. Why do I want Seeley? Good question.

"Hi, thanks Ross, but I'm fine." I tried to add a laugh in to make it less awkward, but to my own ears I sounded high-pitched and squeaky.

"No it's okay, I'd rather stick with you." He smiled and took a step towards me, tucking his black greasy hair behind his ear. I stepped backwards, and my back hit the wall. My smile dissolved and my nerves started to rise. All I could think about was Seeley's hand gripping the counter earlier. Girl, focus!

"I'm fine, my friends are coming in a minute. I just needed a second." I replied, I could hear the nervousness in my voice already. God, I hate that.

"I can wait for them with you." He took a step closed, and I tried to subtly move into the wall like a ghost so that I could disappear. It wasn't working, and my hands were beginning to tremor. "Why didn't you want to play with me earlier?" Could he sound any more creepy?

"What?" I asked, trying to gauge a way out of the small area. My head was still spinning. Ross' back was to the rest of the garden, blocking my only visible escape route.

"During the game, it was my turn with you, and you didn't let me." I just shrugged nervously. I didn't know what to say. My whole body was slowly beginning to shake. "Answer me!" Ross snapped, raising his voice ever so slightly.

Nobody would be able to hear me if I screamed, and even if people were in the garden, they'd probably think someone was just getting it on.

"I-I don't know." My voice cracked. "Seeley just came with me because we're friends. I'm sorry." Ew, I hate that I was apologising. Mentally I took back the apology.

"Stupid bitch, you could've said no. Why didn't you say no to him?"

"No! I just, we're friends! I didn't think to say no." He slapped me. Hard. My head whipped to the side, and my vision was fuzzy out of my right eye. 


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