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A loud smashing noise woke me up, startling me into a sitting position. Well, it would have, if there hadn't been a thick pair of tanned arms wrapped around my waist like a steel band. Hair tickled the underside of my chin, and I froze.

Seeley's body was wrapped around mine. I could feel the blush before it even started spreading.

"Seeley." I whispered, moving my arms from where they had been wrapped around his broad shoulders. His broad naked shoulders, I should mention. "Psst, Seeley."

"No, 'vangeline. Go back to sleep." He murmured, burying his head further into my neck.

"Seeley, we need to get up." I tried to push him off me by his shoulders, but he wouldn't budge. The boy is like a rock.

Taking in my surroundings, I realised we were both squished into Seeley's single bed in our room. A low buzz caught my attention, and it took me a second to find the culprit. The alarm clock that usually resided on Seeley's bedside table, was on the floor next to the wall to the bathroom - cracked but still attempting to wake him up.

"You broke the alarm?" He breathed a huff of air into my neck, before unravelling himself from me.

"Yes." He blinked at me. I blinked back at him. His lip twitched slightly, before he rolled off the bed and stepped across the room, picking up the smashed clock. Giving me a pointed look as he set it down firmly on the nightstand, his stomach muscles rippled as moved back to the bed, stretching himself out along the bottom.

"What's the first activity for today?" I asked, trying desperately to ignore the anxiety clawing at my chest. I hope he doesn't regret what happened last night. I don't. But I'm also not brave enough to ask him how he felt about it.

"Yoga, and then the hike we were supposed to do got rescheduled for today." Seeley said, his voice muffled by the duvet. I nodded, and then got up and grabbed some of my stuff from my suitcase. 

Heading for the bathroom, I showered quickly and got ready in the en-suite. When I opened the door, Seeley was gone. Something in my chest sank. But nevertheless, I brushed the feeling off. Or, tried to. Once I put my things away and took my phone off charge, I left our room, shooting quick texts to Molly and my Mum as I made my way downstairs. When I got there, I found Henderson, Seeley, Annalise, Olivia, and another man I didn't recognise, sitting on yoga mats out on the deck where we had toasted marshmallows the other night.

Yoga passed quickly, the exercise relaxing my mind, and then it was time for the hike. We were each given a water bottle and a small map in case someone went astray, and then we were off. It started off nice, I walked with Olivia and we made small talk for a while and it wasn't awkward. Then it faded out and we walked in comfortable silence. I think my mood changed once we were on our way back down the hill. Seeley was keeping his distance from me, and until then it hadn't been noticeable. Now it was. It was obvious he didn't want to speak to me.

And then Annalise had bumped into me, hard, as she overtook me and began to walk beside Seeley. Leaning in to talk to him and laughing loudly at whatever he had said. I tried to keep my expression normal, but I know my brows must have been furrowed for at least half the journey back.


it's short but...do we want a double update?

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