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"Really, it's okay Thomas. Just don't do it again, please. Yeah, Molly said get us at 9, okay? Bye." I hung up the phone. Me and Thomas had just had a long talk about what happened the other night. He had apologised a bunch, and avoided answering when I questioned him on what the deal between him and Seeley was. Anyway. We have another party tonight, which was something to look forward to. I was excited. Evie was throwing this party, and they always killed. She never let them get out of hand, which was comforting.

Opening the bathroom door, I found Molly bending over the sink, peering at the mirror as she attempted to glue down some false eyelashes. I stepped around her and grabbed the eyeliner from her make up bag. We didn't have much time left before Thomas was picking us up. He was out designated driver for this evening. I wanted to a have a little fun. Music was blaring from the speaker resting on the windowsill. I don't know what it was, but it was loud.

I was pretty much ready, all I needed to do was take my phone off charge before we left. Dressed in a long sleeved black top with mesh sleeves, and a pair of ripped jeans, I felt like I would be able to remain in the background tonight. Blend in well. Molly, on the other hand, was dressed to the nines. In a sparkly pink mini dress and her vans, she was ready to impress. She looked really good. I was excited. Maybe if I repeated it enough in my head it would come true.

Even though me and Thomas were fine now and we were starting on a blank slate, I was still nervous about seeing him. I'm probably being ridiculous. I hadn't been able to stop thinking about Seeley and Thomas' interaction at the office the other day. It was weird, right? Whether I was overthinking it, or not thinking about it enough, something was definitely up with them.

"Did you hear about Jared?" I was snapped out of my thoughts when Molly spoke, mumbling under her breathe so the mirror didn't fog up.

"Hear what?" Jared was either really social, or unsociable as a hermit. It was strange, but everybody rolled with it. If he didn't want to talk, nobody would talk. And Seeley was even quieter. It's like Seeley is Jared's shadow. He was always lingering.

"Apparently some guy is trying to sue him after him and Seeley wrecked his car. And I mean wrecked. Like, slashed three slashed tires, sand in the air vents, and the whole thing was keyed. Some girl from my History class said that apparently they'd poured milkshake all over the engine." Molly gossiped, stepping away from the sink and giving herself a once over.

Why am I always the last to hear these things?

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