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Someone was calling my name. It was really annoying. I wish they would stop it. I was having a really good sleep. It was completely dream-free. Those were my favourite kind of sleep. I groaned as whoever it was said my name louder. The arms around me tightened.


Arms around me? My eyes flew open and I shot up out of the comfortable position I had been sitting in. The arms left me immediately. After rubbing the fuzz out of my eyes, I glanced over to realise me and Seeley had fallen asleep in the position we had been sitting in. The panic released from my chest in a relieved sigh. He was awake now. Brows furrowed and glare set in stone. Gee, someone was a grouch. His hair was all messed up, and he looked a bit dazed. It was cute. Molly was standing a few feet away from us, bewildered glint in her eye as she watched.

"I don't mean to disturb y'all, but Evan if you want a ride home with me and Thomas we're leaving now." She smiled. Wait, I'd missed the whole day? I only meant to skip first period, not an entire day of classes! I rubbed my eyes and went to accept her offer when Seeley spoke.

"I'll take her home." 

I raised my eyebrows at the offer. Molly nodded and bade us goodbye, legging it out of the garden quickly.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to put you out of your way." I muttered nervously. My face began to flush now that it was just the two of us. I can't believe I just fell asleep on him like that. What if he's mad? I shook the thought away. He got a good nap out of it too. Seeley nodded, and stood to his feet with a groan.

What a grandpa.

"What was that?" My eyes widened when I realised I must've said it out loud. Seeley had an eyebrow raised, but he didn't seem mad about it. I kept my mouth shut and accepted the hand he offered. He practically pulled me up. Our hands stayed connected for a good few seconds once I was on my feet. My cheeks felt red hot. My hand slid out of Seeley's as he started to walk away. I trailed silently behind him. I don't think I have good enough conversational skills to last an entire car ride back to mine with him. Oh dear.

"Y'know, you really don't have to drive all the way to mine. You could drop me halfway?" I offered. 

Seeley shook his head, and dug keys out of his pocket as we walked into the car park and began to cross the road. Clicking them, lights lit up on a small, beat up black car in front of us. Thank the lord he didn't have a fancy car. Thomas had some kind of fancy sports car and could spend hours droning on about it. I learned enough about cars to pass my test and that was it. I wasn't interested in how much horse power it had or how many miles it could do, as long as it got me from place to place I was happy.

He opened the door and got in the driver's seat, so I quickly walked to the other side and sat in the passenger seat. The car smelled really nice. And it was clean. I didn't spend a lot of time round other boys my age, but Thomas' car was disgusting on the inside. It was always a mess, with wrappers and bottles everywhere. And he would always have like four air fresheners hanging from the mirror. Rattling off my address to Seeley, he started the car and we set off.

It was silent. Not in an awkward way, but I just felt weird not talking. I never shut up usually. I just didn't know what to say to him.

"Sorry for falling asleep on you, by the way." I gave a nervous laugh after. It was so embarrassing that I had done that. I'd never live it down. Especially since Molly saw. She's definitely going to bring that up all the time now.

"I fell asleep too." And that was all he said. My cheeks were on fire. Soon, we pulled up to my house and I stepped out, thanking him a million times. As soon as I shut the door he was off, speeding down my street and around the corner. Weird.


this book is gradually getting shittier and shittier and you all need to deal with that :)

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