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"Hey girl." I smiled widely and waved as Molly greeted me, and climbed into my car. It was the family car, since we couldn't afford another one for me. Which I honestly didn't need, since I just walked to school and to work. Today was my mum's only day off, since she worked Sunday's too, and she offered me the car to go out. Me and Molly had made plans to go out for a cute dinner at the nice restaurant in town to celebrate becoming seniors, and starting our last year in school together. Molly had plans to go to University to become a fashion designer, and I wanted to go to school for Horticulture - that is if I can even get in.

Anyway, I don't want to think about school right now. 

"You thinking Revolution or the cafe?" Molly asked as she connected her phone to the Bluetooth in the car. I shrugged.

"I don't mind, wherever you want, boo." I smiled as the opening line of Kiwi by Harry Styles began pouring through the speakers around us.

"I kinda want a burger, but I put nice shoes on, so maybe Revolution? Ah! I can't decide, you choose!" Molly huffed, and I laughed at her. Both of us were super indecisive, it was an issue whenever we tried to make plans.

"I don't know either, Revolution then? Since you've got the shoes on?" I glanced down at Molly's feet, and sure enough, they were clad in cute strappy black heels - that made her skinny jeans and t-shirt combo that bit more stylish. She looked really grown up. Stealing a look down at my own outfit, I started to think about how childish I looked sitting next to her. Here Molly was, looking like a literal model, whereas I was dressed in black leggings and a yellow off the shoulder knitted jumper. Least my jumper was cute. Also, I was wearing pumps. I looked like a child.


"Ugh, go for it, otherwise we'll never decide." After Molly spoke, I kept driving down the street and turned round the corner on the left. As the car crept down the road, I watched the pavements as people scurried about their evenings. Everybody looked so busy. Turning into the car park, we parked and got out, making our way to Revolution. We got in and were seated by a cute waitress, and within minutes we were scouring the menus.

"The salad looks really fancy, I could pretend I'm a skinny legend. Ugh, but they have a new burger this week." Molly contemplated out-loud to herself, and I failed at smothering a smile. Looking at my own menu, the item that caught my eye was the linguine pasta.

"That's it! I'm going with the burger! I don't care." Molly huffed, closing her menu and putting it on the table. I giggled and did the same with my menu. A different waiter came to the table this time, and took our drinks order. He looked to be roughly our age, but I don't think I'd ever seen him before. Maybe he went to the next high school over. Anyway, his vibe was off.

"Hey, isn't that Seeley over there?" Molly asked quietly, subtly pointing over to a table a little bit away from us. Sure enough, Seeley Blossom and his little sidekick, Jared Smith were seated there. My stomach twisted in a knot at the thoughts that filled my head. What if he thought it was weird I was out with my friend? No, I obviously have a social life. No, I'm not letting my thoughts about work take over. We won't even encounter them. I quickly looked away from them.

Just then the waiter returned, placing our cokes in front of us, and giving us a strange smile.

"What can I get you, ladies?" His voice made me tense. Why was I so on edge?

"Um, a triple cheeseburger supreme for me, and a pasta linguine for her, please. Thanks." I sighed a breathe of relief as Molly ordered for the both of us. It always made me really nervous. I really needed to get a hold of myself. The waiter jotted it down in a small notepad and then left, but not without giving us another glance at put me on edge.

"Hey, Jared! Come over here." Molly called, and my head snapped up. Jared had been walking back to his table when Molly had shouted him. What is she doing?

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