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Exiting Molly's passenger seat, I tugged at the end of my skirt in nervousness as I rounded the car. This was the first party I was going to after starting to work for Seeley's dad, and I don't know what I'm going to do if I see him. Am I supposed to say hi? Do we act like we don't know each other?

Play it cool, Evan, play it cool. I muttered that over and over to myself as me and Molly walked up the steps to Gregor's party. I don't even know Gregor - all I know is that he's on the football team with Thomas. Molly was dressed in dark wash skinny jeans and a cropped lacy black top, with simple black heels that boosted her height. I was wearing a long sleeve black top with mesh sleeves and chest area, tucked into a maroon red skirt. With a pair of black high top converses, this was the best I was going to get.

Before we left Molly's house I was feeling myself, especially with the hype she was giving me, but as soon as I stepped out of her car, anxiety pooled in my stomach. We both stopped simultaneously just before the open front door, just staring at it for a few seconds. I felt Molly's hand reach over to mine and give it a reassuring squeeze. I smiled weakly at her, and with joined hands, we stepped into the chaos.

Our hands we separated almost immediately, as a shirtless boy I didn't recognise pushed in between us to get out of the house. Me and Molly shared a look, and then continued on our way. Thomas was our invite to this party, so it made sense to go and find him first. Making our way through the throng of people, I found myself in the kitchen, and looking around, I couldn't find Molly which sent me into a panic. I was fine by myself, but I didn't know even half the people here. After deducing that there was no way that Molly could have gotten past me into the kitchen or backyard, I started pushing myself back through the crowd.

My whole frame almost getting swallowed whole, it was a relief when I entered the living room. People were sitting in a circle on the floor, playing suck and blow. I shivered, that game made me nervous as hell. Looking away from the players on the ground, I tried to find anyone that might know where Molly was. My eyes connected with Jared's, Seeley's friend. He was staring right at me as he sipped from a red disposable cup. I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and walked over to him. Him and Seeley were close, and as stoic as Seeley was, I knew he was somewhat trustworthy, so it made sense in my head that his friend must be too.

Right before I reached where he was standing, someone from the circle abruptly stood up, and harshly knocked me forwards, sending me flying. Strong arms caught me and steadied me, and then pulled away like I was on fire. Looking up, Jared was looking at the floor with a steely expression. It was clearly him who caught me though, so I couldn't understand why he was being weird.

"Thanks, um, I was just wondering if you had seen Molly at all? I lost her in the hall." I asked, and watched curiously as Jared's head snapped up at the mention of my best friend's name. My eyes widened a little, and my grin grew slightly. "Ooh I see, you have a crush on Molly." I teased.

Jared's face regained it's stony look and I could see he wasn't amused, but being the annoying creature I am, I winked at him.

"I get it, she's hot. Don't worry my lips are sealed bro." Jared glared at me, and without saying a word, pointed upwards. The roof? Molly was on the roof? How did she get up there?

"Upstairs." Jared clearly noticed the puzzled look on my face, and rolled his eyes at my stupidity. Ah, upstairs made more sense. I sent him a cheery smile and a thumbs up, which got no reaction from him. I turned and made my way backwards through the party, trying to find the stairs. After locating them, I made a mental note to ask Molly to pick up a MacDonald's on the way home as my stomach rumbled. Walking up the stares with a weird feeling in my stomach, other than hunger, I stepped around a couple who were full on making out, sloppy noises and all. I grimaced.

Getting to the top landing, I stood there for a few seconds. Should I open doors and look for Molly in rooms? I don't want to walk in on anybody having s e x. I shivered in disgust at the thought. Suddenly, hands were on my shoulders. Snapping around, my shoulders visibly relaxed when I found that it was just Thomas.

"Boo. Chill out Evan, it's just me." He laughed at himself, with his eyes intensely focused on me.

"Thomas, thank lord, do you know where Molly is? I've been looking for a while and I'm starting to wor-" I was cut off by lips softly on my own. My eyes widened in shock, but Thomas's were already closed. What the h e double hockey sticks was this boy doing? Pushing against his chest, I tried to get him off of me. This was disgusting, like being kissed by a brother or something. My attempts weren't working, until they were. The next thing I knew, Thomas was lying on the ground unconscious.

 The next thing I knew, Thomas was lying on the ground unconscious

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Looking at my hands in wonder, I was amazed at myself. Did I seriously do that? Damn, girl got muscles. A hand wretched my body around, and I found myself staring up at Seeley's face. His chest was heaving like he was out of breath, and a vicious glare stared down at me.

"What the fuck?" I winced at the anger in his voice. This was the first time I had ever seen Seeley show any emotion on his face, normally he was a blank canvas. Even now, his face was set like stone, but his hard eyes and bulging neck veins said another story.

"I didn't- I was looking for Molly, and then boom! He was on me, it was pretty nasty though, tasted like whiskey and-" I was cut off again by Seeley covering my mouth with his giant hand, knees bent so that he was at face level with me.

"Did he hurt you?" I shook my head under Seeley's massive palm. "Did he touch you?" I shook my head again, the nervous feeling in my stomach somehow disappearing. "Did you want him to kiss you?" These were all said through gritted teeth, but I could tell the last one was different than the other questions he had asked. I shook my head again, and Seeley dropped his head, shaking it softly. His head was at boob level for me, and I was scared his hair might brush against one of my girls. I stuck my tongue out after a few seconds, and his head snapped up, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Did you just lick me?" He muttered, snatching his hand away from me.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I blinked up at him innocently as he rose back to his full height. I watched as his face darkened when he looked over my head. Turning around to see what he was looking at, I found him glaring at Thomas' unconscious body. As I turned back to him, I found him about to step forward towards Thomas, a furious look in his eye. I pushed my hands and got in his way to try and stop him. I knew he was going to hit Thomas again. It didn't work much, seeing as I barely reached his shoulders, but he stopped and looked down at me anyway.

"Please don't hurt him again, he was an idiot and stupid, but please don't get yourself in trouble over nothing." His whole face darkened as I spoke quietly, and I watched as his brow only furrowed further.

"It's not nothing when he touches what's mine." Seeley brushed against my shoulder, throwing me ever so slightly off balance, and I tensed when he approached Thomas. I watched on, confused as he just stepped over his body, and walked down the stairs.

And what did he mean? What was his? I was left with loads of questions floating around my head.

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