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Pulling up to the house, I parked the car and unclipped my seatbelt, peering at the front door through my passenger window. Before I moved to go inside I picked up my phone from the cup holder, checking for any messages from Jared. Nothing.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

I stepped out of the car, shutting the door as quiet as I could manage. It just looked like a normal house. Tightening my ponytail, I shook my head, in a sad attempt to shake some common sense into it. My shoes were silent against the stone steps. The curtains were drawn on the windows closest to me, so I couldn't even try and spy. Jared didn't pick up the phone and he had ignored both my texts. I took a huge breath in and straightened my shoulders, stepping forward.

I opened the front door.

"She's here!" An unfamiliar voice shouted from down the hall as I clicked the door behind me. There was a carpeted staircase to my left, and I could hear footsteps stomping upstairs.

"Evan, come up! First door on your right!" That was definitely Jared. There was a pile of shoes by the bottom of the stairs, so I quickly slid off mine before heading cautiously up the steps. The closer I came to the top landing, the more I could hear. A radio murmuring softly. Someone groaning. Panting. What the heck am I about to walk into?

Three doors greeted me as I reached the top, one open - noises floating out the doorway. Peering around the door, I found a big bed in the centre of the room, a body sprawled across it. More specifically, Seeley's.

Now is not the time to appreciate his shirtless-ness.

Jared was sitting on a stool on the other side of the bed, but stood when he saw me. His hair was a mess, like he'd been tugging on it from stress.

"Thank god you're here. I didn't know who else to call. He didn't say much when I picked him up before passing out, and that was an hour ago. He'll be pissed you're here, but I know he trusts you so I figured you were a good choice." I tried not to read into that last comment, but my stomach fluttered ever so slightly in acknowledgement.

"Is he okay?" I moved closer to the bed, trying to look for any injuries.

"He's got a massive wound on his back, but I can't get him to stay on his stomach. I thought once you got here I could hold him down while you work on it. He just needs a couple stitches."

"And you thought because I'm a woman I can sew?" My eyebrow tugged upwards.

"No, I thought he'd appreciate you sticking a needle in his ass more than me." What the heck am I supposed to say to that? "Okay, let's roll him over."

We approached the bed from either side, and I swear on my left sock I tried to avoid looking below his face. Key word being tried. Funny, I hadn't pegged him as someone who would wear boxers with days of the week on them. Jared looked over at me and took a deep breathe, nodding.

"Okay, let's roll him my way."

Slipping my hands under Seeley's waist, I began to push as Jared moved his hands next to mine and pulled. It must have taken about five minutes for us to fully roll him on to his front, but we got there. Jared grabbed the sewing kit from the beside table and pushed it into my hands, before taking a seat on the bed next to Seeley's head, hands keeping his shoulders down.

"Start from the top and work your way down." I threaded the needle and tied the thread a bunch before moving back to the bed. Okay. 

Deep breathes, deep breathes.

Straddling Seeley's thighs, I brushed stray strands of hair behind my ears. A big, jagged wound started at the middle of his back a few inches below his scar, quite far from his spine, and dragged down underneath his underwear. My cheeks flushed.

Okay, I can do this. I winced as I pierced his skin with the needle. Seeing the red thread pull through his skin made me want to boke. How did I get this job again?

I made it halfway to his boxers before Seeley began to stir, and I froze. Ignoring how hot his flexing back looks, my gaze jumped to meet Jared's. He looked just as panicked as I did. Seeley groaned, before trying to roll over, despite Jared's attempts to hold his shoulders down. 

Seeley glanced over his shoulder, and we made eye contact.

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