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Tears pricking my eyes, I tried to shake away the bad thoughts that were already filling my head. Panting heavily, I sped back to my desk, and grabbed my bag, shoving my charger into it, and logging out of the computer, not even bothering to shut it off. With my arms still full of the files, I got to the elevator as quickly as I could, and leaned against the back wall. As the doors closed softly, I sank down to the ground, my head against the wall as the first tear fell. Sniffling to myself, I tried to push the memories that were surfacing, trying to hold it together. I'd die if anyone saw me looking like this.

The doors slid open after a while, and I found that the lobby was completely deserted. I picked up the folders and my bag, and stood up on wobbly legs from the floor. Speed walking out of the building like my booty was on fire, I was looking over my shoulder as I turned round the street corner, crashing into a hard body. I ricocheted off of the person, gasping, and stumbled backwards a few steps. Glancing up, I found that it was Seeley, and he was scowling, as usual. His expression turned to one of thunder as he saw my face. He must've noticed the still-wet tear stains and jittery look I probably had.

"What's wrong?" He asked, voice hard as he took a step towards me. 

"N-nothing. I have to go. A-actually, could you give these to Mr Jackson, please?" I hated how awful and broken my voice sounded, as I held the folders up. Seeley just stared at me with a blank look on his face.

"P-please?" Gosh, I sound so desperate. But I had realised how much trouble I could be in if anyone found out that I had taken the files out of the office without saying anything or logging them out on the system. Seeley stepped forward with his hands out, and I could have laughed at his awkward stance, if I wasn't still trying to ward off a major panic attack.

I gave him a weak, but grateful smile, as I handed them over. My stomach churned as our fingers.

"T-thank you. Could you tell him I got sick, or had an emergency or something?" I asked quietly. I wasn't depending on him to do that for me, and I certainly had no expectations, but it would certainly save me from some awkward questioning the next time I come into work. He nodded. The sigh of relief I breathed out was humongous. I nodded gratefully to him, and then tried to walk away in the same brisk pace I had been walking in before. I could feel my emotions inside bubbling up, and I didn't want anyone to be there when they finally exploded inside me. 

As I attempted to walk past him, Seeley caught my elbow in a gentle grasp, halting me. I could feel a tear roll down my cheek. Instead of turning to face him, I hung my head and sniffled, shaking myself out of his grasp. I walked away, leaving him standing in the middle of the pavement, angry and confused. Tears were now falling at a rapid pace, and I feared if I didn't get home in time I would end up having a full on anxiety attack in the middle of the street.

I hoped the house would be empty when I got back.

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