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Looking between Seeley and Thomas, I started to feel queasy. Thomas stepped forward, and Seeley took a step in front of me, half-shielding me from Thomas' displeased figure. Subconsciously, my hand lifted to Seeley's back, and I lightly grasped the back of his shirt in my fist. I felt his body relax slightly.

"Hey, I just wanted to say sorry, a chance to apologise for last night. I was drunk, and I don't know what happened." Thomas said, taking a step back and placing the bouquet of tulips sideways on my desk.

I'm allergic to tulips.

"It's okay, Thomas-" I started, moving more to stand next to Seeley rather than behind, my hand still clutching his shirt.

"No, it's not okay. Who knows what could've happened if I hadn't stepped in." Seeley's voice was hard as he cut me off, giving Thomas a deep scowl. If I were Thomas, I would be pooping my pants right now.

"It's not like I would've done anything, I'm not dangerous or anything." Thomas arched his eyebrows, and crossed his arms. I hoped he didn't think that he could fight Seeley. I'd never seen either of them in a fight before, but there was no doubt in my mind that Seeley would wipe the floor with Thomas. Seeley tensed ever so slightly more at his words.

"You don't know that. You said you didn't know what happened, so who's to say when you would've stopped. Be grateful it was just your nose that got hurt." My heart was racing. And my tea was probably getting cold.

"Are you saying I could've hurt Evan? Do you actually think I'm capable of that? I'm not a monster." I was slowly shrinking into myself as Thomas puff out his chest and take a step forward. Him and Seeley were inches apart now. 

"Of course you could. You're a rowdy 5'11 rugby player up against a tiny 5'4 woman." I frowned. I'm not that small. I could fight someone. "The odds are in your favour, and it's not like it'd be the first time something like that happens. Is it, Tommy?" Seeley had a vicious grin adorning his face. What was he talking about? Did Seeley know something about Thomas? I thought they'd never even spoken to each other before, never mind Seeley knowing something about him. I tugged at Seeley's shirt, hoping to pull him away before Thomas had time to react.

I was too late.

Seeley looked down at me, giving me his full attention, when Thomas swung for him. Landing a solid punch in Seeley's stomach, Thomas' face was red with anger. My heart palpitations were going through the roof. Gasping, I let go of Seeley's shirt and took a few steps back, my whole body shaking. I still had a grasp on my cup though, which was good.

After taking a hit to the cheekbone, Seeley straightened up, his face darkening. Thomas paled, literally recoiled, and took a step back when Seeley rose back to his full height. I wonder how tall he is. Seeley took a step forward, and I saw his hand curl into a fist by his side. I winced at how bad Thomas was about to get it.

And then Seeley leaned forward, releasing his fist, and whispered something to Thomas. Thomas went red again, cast a frown at me, and then left, storming down the hall towards the elevator. What the heck just happened? Why didn't Seeley hit him back? I mean, I don't like violence, but Seeley was known for not having the nicest of reputations, especially concerning that area of expertise. I took a few steps towards him, the coffee cup in my hands still quaking from the residual jitters wracking my hands.

"What happened?" I asked softly. I hoped he wouldn't get angry at me for invading his business. But I wanted to know, obviously. Need to have some kind of gossip to stimulate my nosy teenage mind. Not like I would tell anyone anyway.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. I could've reacted better, I'm sorry." Okay, what is actually going on? First, he doesn't hit Thomas back, and then he apologises for it? What is this world coming to?

"You didn't even hit him back, why are you apologising? And what's up with not hitting him? Not that I want to see anyone get hurt obviously but-" I started, but Seeley cut me off. Again. I hoped he didn't think this was becoming a thing because I was going to snap at some point. Let me finish my sentence, gosh darn you!

"No, angel, I'm sorry that he was violent around you. And I'm not going to do anything to him. He knows what happen if he steps out of line again. You need to tell me if does anything, anything at all that makes you uneasy, okay?" I nodded, but Seeley wasn't happy with that.

"I need words, angel."

"Okay." My voice came out small and weak. Gosh, I must sound like a massive weenie. Seeley nodded at me, and then turned to walk away - towards Mr Jackson's office.

"Uh, wait - before you go," Seeley turned back to me. "could you take the tulips off my desk please? I'm allergic." His gaze darkened once he glanced at the flowers, and gave me a curt nod. Gathering the string tied bouquet in one hand, he put them in the closet bin that wasn't near my desk.

"Good?" I nodded, and he began to leave again.

"Thank you!" I called after him, but he showed no acknowledgement as to whether he heard me or not. Guess I have to disinfect my desk now. Lifting the cup to my lips and taking a sip, I grimaced.

But lukewarm was better than no tea at all.

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