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I turned to Seeley with a confused expression. Sniffling again to stop the running boogies from falling down my face, I glanced at Jared. Now he was glaring at Seeley. I felt super intimidated. There was a lot of bad vibes filling up the open space we were in. I took a step back. Both of their heads snapped to me.

O-kay then.

Wringing my hands together, I side-stepped away from between the guys and kept my eyes glued to my shoes. Something was going on between them, and I was nervous enough just being around them normally, never mind when something was up.

"What did you do, J?" Seeley ground out, and I glanced up at him. His teeth must hurt with how tense his jaw was.

"Nothing." Jared muttered back at him, taking a step forward. My breathe hitched, and I edged ever so slightly towards Seeley, positioned by his shoulder.

"Why is she upset?" Jared didn't answer. How could he? He didn't know. This wasn't fair on him. 

"Jared had j-just seen me sitting here and asked me what was wrong when you showed up. He doesn't- I'm fine. Nothing's wrong. I was just leaving, anyway." I spoke up, wincing when the start of my sentence came out all gravelly and sore. Both the boys turned to listen to me, and I felt uncomfortable under their gaze. Boy, was I nervous. I really regretted sitting in the garden now. 

Seeley was frowning. Jared looked bored.

 I gave them a smile, and turned to leave. Successfully making it out of the garden and round the side of the school, I pondered where I could go to sit next. There was a huge cherry tree at the edge of the field, which was normally unattended. My victory was soon cut short as a hand wrapped around my elbow. The air left my lungs. My hands started to shake. I squeezed my eyes shut.

Please, not now.

"Evangeline?" I heard a voice call. I was beginning to hear ringing in my ears. God, not another attack. This was embarrassing. The hand left my elbow, and I felt whoever it was move away from me. "Evan?" I clenched my hands into fists and slowly opened my eyes. Standing a few steps away was Thomas. I breathed a ginormous sigh of relief. Thank god.

"Sorry, are you okay? I called your name a couple times, I thought you were ignoring me, I'm sorry for grabbing you like that." Thomas rambled. I couldn't shake away the feeling. It was still there - the bundle of nerves in my stomach, the ringing in my ears, the fuzziness around my eyes. I just want to go home. By this point I had tuned Thomas out completely. Molly would be in her first period class. I don't want to ask Thomas for a lift home. My legs wouldn't make it the walk home. Mum was at work. I was exhausted. I wanted to cry.

"Sor-Sorry, Thomas. I have to go." I brushed him off and turned around, heading back to the garden. Maybe Seeley and Jared had gone to class. All I needed was to sit down. I felt awful for blowing Thomas off like that. He probably just wanted to talk. I at least owed it to him to give him another chance - no matter how confusing his and Seeley's conversation had been the other day. I made it to the back garden again. It was empty. I fell against the wall, my knees finally giving out beneath me. I slid to the soft grass. My eyes closed as I began to silently cry.

I felt someone sit down next to me, leaving a comfortable gap between us. Quickly wiping away the dampness from my face, I glanced over. It was Seeley. He wasn't looking at me. His gaze was set straight ahead, on the glass of the fire escape door. Tiredness swept over me. My eyes filled with water again, and I let my head slump on to his shoulder. I didn't care if my head was heavy, or how badly I was embarrassing myself. My eyes soon fell shut.

I'm so tired.


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