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here, have the only chapter i have written because it's the holidays and my birthday today :)


School passed relatively quickly, and I only got homework for Italian. I got dressed in the changing room at school, since Molly was giving me a ride to work. Today I was wearing a soft grey skater skirt with black pumps, and a black Thrasher jumper tucked into it. It was one of Thomas' many hoodies, which I had the courtesy of 'borrowing'. It was a little big on me, but Thomas was pretty skinny, so with it tucked in it was only slightly baggy. I faltered for a minute as I pulled it over my head, but then shook my thoughts away. His hoodie didn't do anything wrong.

Grabbing my bag, I left the changing room and went to my locker, stuffing some of my jotters in so that my bag wasn't the weight of an anchor on my shoulder. I locked it again, and slipped the keys back into my bag. Walking outside, I was hit with a breathe of fresh air. It was nice out. I made my way to the far side of the car park. Molly was already there, leaning against the bonnet of her car that was parked in its usual spot. The red radiated in the sun, and made the exposed backs of her legs glow a soft pink colour. She looked up from her phone at me when she heard me approaching, and shot me a wide smile, tucking the device into the back pocket of her denim shorts.

"Hey, you ready to go?" I nodded and gave her a grin. I was fine. I wasn't nervous at all. There was nothing to be nervous about. The school day was over, and all I had left to do was a few hours at work - and then I could be home, snuggled in my bed watching Gilmore Girls.

We got in the car, and Molly turned the radio on and cranked it up as she started to pull out of the car park. Young, Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg was just beginning to play, and I smiled. This song is such a vibe, very coming-of age-adventurous teen movie. Not that I ever really did anything adventurous. I'd only ever been to a handful of parties, and based on how the last one went, I might hold off on those for a while. I didn't smoke, only occasionally drank, and the only drugs I had ever done were occasional painkillers and a handful of joints for my nerves. Edgy, I know.

The song passed and then a few adverts that I didn't pay attention to, and then I saw the office building ahead. We slowed to a stop, and I unbuckled myself, turning to Molly as I picked up my bag from the floor.

"Thanks for the lift man, do you want me to pick you up tomorrow? It's Mum's day off." I asked, opening my door as I waited for her to answer.

"Sure, if that's okay, then definitely. Have a good shift!" She smiled at me as I stepped out of the car, and I waved at her until she turned the corner at the end of the street. Hauling my bag up my shoulder, I took a deep breath and entered the building. Making my way upstairs, the office seemed really busy, the place was crawling with people.

I arrived at my desk and sat down, putting my bag under the desk gently. Starting up the computer in front of me, I glanced around and took in my surroundings - not that I could see much from behind the tall desk. The door to Mr Jackson's office was slightly ajar, but it didn't seem like anyone was in there. My theory was quickly proven correct as Mr Jackson appeared out of nowhere, storming into his office and slamming the door behind him. The door shook.

I shivered, and turned my attention back to the computer, opening my emails and reading the new ones from Katie, the previous assistant. As I began the to-do list she had sent me, I noticed the office get busier around me, although I tried to keep my attention on the task at hand. After about an hour and a half, I looked up from my work. I needed some tea. Dropping the pen in my hand, I pushed out my chair and stood up, trying to remember directions to the coffee room. I nervously made my way down the hall, until I saw an open door to what looked like a break room. I entered it and walked over to the coffee station, and started making myself a tea.

Putting it in one of the disposable cups, I frowned slightly as I made my way back to my desk. I hated using disposable cups, but I didn't want to risk someone getting angry at me for using their mug. I'll have to bring my own in on Wednesday. Cautiously walking back to my desk, I started to think about what happened at the party this weekend. Studying the lid of my cup as I walked, my mind trailed off in thought. I frowned. I didn't even get a chance to say thank you to the host. They must think I'm horribly rude.

A chest slammed into mine as I turned a corner, cutting my thoughts off as I ricocheted off of the person. Arms latched on to my elbows gently but firmly, keeping me in place as I let out gasp. Checking that no tea had spilled on me or the person, I frowned and huffed when I saw that the person's white shirt now had some tea stains at the bottom. Pouting I looked up at them, and gasped when I realised it was Seeley. He looked...fancy. Shirt and fancy trousers adorned his body, and I've gotta say - it wasn't a bad sight.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I can get the stain out if you give me the shirt? I'm so sorry." I gushed and I could feel my cheeks glow bright red as I finally met Seeley's eyes. His face was expressionless as usual. His lip quirked up a bit, but as soon as I saw it, it was gone.

"It's fine." He muttered, dropping his grip from my elbows, which I had completely forgotten about. It was weird, normally as soon as anybody touches me I tense up a bit, but I didn't even realise that Seeley still had a hold of me until he let go.

"I'm really, really sorry, Seeley. I was just thinking and I wasn't looking where I was going and-"

"I said it's fine, Angel. Gives me a chance to get out of this stuffy shirt anyway." He cut me off, and my legs felt weird when he called me Angel. I nodded silently, looking back down at the coffee cup I had an iron tight grip on. "I'll walk you back to your desk, I need to go see John anyway." I glanced at him with a small smile. That was a really cute offer, even if he didn't realise. Y'know, sometimes I think there's more to the elusive Seeley Blossom than the rumours and the fights.

We walked side by side back to my desk, and every time our sides brushed I sucked in a breath. I was so nervous.

"Evan?" A voice broke me away from my thoughts that surrounded Seeley. I looked up at him, to find him glaring scarily at someone at my desk. I would be having a heart attack if he looked at me like that. Looking at whoever said my name, I found Thomas standing by my desk, a bouquet of flowers in his grasp.

My stomach dropped.

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