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ngl the last chapter was one of the first scenes of this book that popped into my head.


I didn't stick around the party for much longer after my encounter with Seeley. What did he even mean? That boy honestly speaks in riddles half the time. Abandoning Thomas on the floor, I made my way downstairs, where Molly slammed into my body in the kitchen. After asking me where I'd disappeared to, we made our way to her car. We got our MacDonald's drive thru on the way home, and now as I looked down at my cold cheese sandwich and bottle of water, I wistfully dreamt of the cafeteria one day serving good french fries and sloppy burgers.

"So, you know Seeley?" I started off, and then winced as she let out a high pitched squeal. "Well, I was upstairs looking for you, and one thing led to another basically, and he ended up knocking Thomas out." Glancing over, I noticed Molly's mouth was on the floor. I don't know why she was so shocked, she knew something had happened to Thomas and had been nagging me all morning if I knew what had happened, and what I had been up to as I was looking for her last night. Come to think of it, I don't think either of us had seen Thomas all day, and he definitely didn't go to any classes he shared with me.

"What??" Molly exclaimed, to which I just nodded, giving her a minute to process as I took a massive bite out of my sandwich. As I took a quick sweep of the cafeteria, I noticed Harvey Matthews walking towards our table. I began choking on the mouthful of sandwich I had, which just caused Molly to look at me weirdly, as if I had grown two heads.

Harvey was a pretty big deal in our year, and he went out with the principle's daughter, Hailey. They were what you might call the 'it' couple of the school, except nobody really cared what they did, they were just that big headed they assumed everyone wanted to know their boring business. He came up and stood right at our table, nervously smiling at Molly and me. What the heck is going on?

"Hey, um, Evangeline. Um, I-I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about last night, it won't happen again." What is this boy talking about? I didn't even see Harvey or any of his posse at the party last night.

"Sorry Harvey, but what are you talking about?" I asked curiously, confused out of my head. Then I noticed the big ass black eye that surrounded his left eye. It was a deep, angry purple - a shiner if ever I saw one. "Oh my goodness, what happened to your eye?" Harvey cursed under his breath at my words.

"It's nothing, I fell down some stairs last night before I left Gregor's. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for tripping you and pushing you into Jared yesterday. Won't happen again." And then he was gone, rushing back to his table of semi-populars on the other side of the cafeteria. Wait, was he talking about when I fell talking to Jared? Oh, that made sense, he must've been the person who left the game of suck and blow. But that didn't explain why he was being so weird and awkward, and why he lied about falling down the stairs.

After he was gone, I realised that not once during that whole conversation did Harvey make eye contact with me. That hurt, I'll admit. I pride myself on being a kind person, and Harvey acting like he was scared of me really lowered my self esteem.

"What the heck was that about?" Molly asked, and I shrugged in response. I had not a scoobie. With furrowed brows I looked around the room, no idea what I was looking for. Across the room, my eyes suddenly locked with a pair of dark blue ones that were staring intently right at me. Pushing my hands on the table, I got off the bench I was sitting on. Not leaving his eyes, I spoke to Molly.

"I'll be back in a minute." I heard her respond, but it was muffled in my ears due to all my focus being on the boy outside the canteen. Why was he staring at me? What had I done wrong now? I bet he knows something about why Harvey was being so weird. I made my way through the canteen, until I reached the fire escape doors, and pushed one open.

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