Chapter 1

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"Mum , I'm home !" I shouted from up the stairs , as I got home from school. I hated school , specially because of all the bitches who bully me because I love Justice Crew instead of One Direction . I mean WTH ! Why can't love who I want to ?! They always piss me off easily . That's why I love home so much , I get to be me , I never sang at school like the way I did at home. I bet no one knew I could/liked to sing. I only did it when no one was around . I loved listening to Olly Murs , The Collective , 5SOS & Obviously Justice Crew. "I've got some exciting news for you Annabeth " my mum shouted from downstairs . I rushed downstairs eager to know what was exciting ?

( Hey guys ! This is my first fanfic so NO HATE PLEASE . I'll update as soon this gets some views Thanks ! X )

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