Chapter 10- Together At Last?

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-~Annabeth's POV~-

I could not only see but feel the anger but confused expression on John's face. Lenny just kept staring into my eyes. I then felt a boost of courage to look up at Lenny , he started to smile ... It got bigger until it showed off his cute dimples. I smiled back, He pulled me closer and rested his hands on my shoulders. He then leaned and kissed me ( again ? lol ikr ) It felt perfect .... I literally think that Lenny is like my soul-mate. We were then interrupted when John barged through us , pushing us in different directions . He started walking straight towards the car while shouting miserably " We're all going home now!".

The car journey was so awkward , everyone was was silent apart from me trying not to laugh . I seriously CANNOT deal with silent situations without cracking up. Coz everyone's face was just like 😶. Lenny smiled at me when I looked at him , but I thinks John took that as an offence. I just planted a small smile on my face back to Lenny. Suddenly snow started pouring down again, which was really strange, since the beach was so warm. Melbourne weather is so bizarre ! ( I love Australian weather ! I live in Melbourne : fun fact lol ) Anyway we all hopped out of the car into the house & headed to the kitchen where my mum was making a bake. "Smells good" praised Solo,
"Thanks! Made it myself " she replied.
We all sat on the sofa , and ate while watching ' Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2'- Paulie's choice. After we all cleaned up we all went upstairs into my room, where we all sat in a big circle on the floor. "Lets play truth or dare!" said Skylar enthusiastically . "Yeah ... okay " I replied .
This is getting more interesting . 😏


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