Chapter 9- Rejection

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(Past tense through now)
Lenny's POV
When we found our spot on the beach we all did our own things. Solo was chilling in the sun , while everyone else was in the water having a water fights. I was in the moist soft sand only a few centimetres away from the sea. I loved this beach , it reminded me of the good times I've had in my life. I saw that Annabeth was also chilling in the sand behind Solo I'm the shade. She eyed the water-fight that was going on & started laughing at everyone, she was so adorable !
Oh no , Lenny Pearce you have fallen for a girl you just met a day ago. But it seemed like I knew her forever.

She then noticed I was staring at her, I didn't know what to do .... so I just smiled at her . She smiled back , her checks were turning peachy red.... aweeee was she blushing ? I then realised I've been smiling like an idiot the whole time , but it's okay... it was worth it.... she's .... worth it.

She then started to walk towards the water . I kept watching to make sure she didn't fall or anything . I was about to stand up but I saw that John shot up so fast , as if he was watching me . He then started to walk slowly over to her. On his way towards Annabeth he looked at me and smirked , I felt confused was written all over my face. He then reached her he grabbed her hands , not wanting to witness it I grabbed my phone out to check the time. I looked at me wallpaper for a few seconds then the time . I then turned it off. I looked up from the sand & I saw John pull away from Annabeth. wait what ?
It looked like they just broke from a kiss ? But they couldn't have? No way? Does Annabeth like John?

After all the questioned drowning in my mind I realised John started to speak to her. I knew how to lip read extremely well , it's my talent that John can't do! I decided to put it to good use. I saw John say" Annabeth, I really like you , so I wanted to ask if you will go out with me?" . I froze in shock , I saw she did too . I then tensed my jaw as well as myself. She wasn't replying though? I'm guessing that's a good sign? I have to be there for her! I stood up and walked over to them with caution.




Annabeth's POV
Oh my gosh ! What am I meant to do or say?! I know I don't have any feelings for John but how do I let him know without hurting him? II'll never be able to forgive myself if I hurt him badly. My mouth opened to speak but I felt no words come out. Lenny was walking towards us , thank god ! I feel way better with him beside me. I feel a lot safer with him around. Lenny came to my side facing John and asked"Are you guys okay?"
"Yeh we were! Now you're kind of interrupting us", John shot back. He then said "Annabeth is going to be my girlfriend !" I can't believe John said that! Especially if he knows it's not true! Lenny gulped then looked at me and asked " Have you agreed to be his girlfriend?" I hesitantly replied back " ... no , I'm not ."

I noticed a hardly noticeable relief on Lenny's face which made me feel better. But worry & desperation came across Johns face. John said " Why not?! I like you , don't you like me?!"
I slowly shook my head and whispered " I'm really sorry John, but I've already fallen for someone else..."
Lenny interrupted our conversation with " I guess I should get going" his eyes and head sand down into the sand as he started waking away. Then I did something I never thought I would do ,which was unexpected and shouted " Wait ! Please don't go?!" He spun around as he heard me and walked up to me. He looked at me in the eyes with a hopeful sign in his eyes. He then slowly pressed his lips to mine, as he closed his eyes. But I also didn't realise myself closing my eyes as well.

As we both pulled away I then said " I've fallen for you... Lenny ."


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