Chapter 8- Beach Fun

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Just to let u peeps know that in this fanfic all the boys are 20 yrs old ,
Annabeth & Skylar are both 18.
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-~Annabeth's POV~-

I haven't been to the beach for ages. The last time I went to the beach was ... when I was dating my ex..
His name was Dimitri ....EWW!
I absolutely hated him for my own reasons. No one else knew about why we broke up , I've only told Skylar. Maybe I should tell the boys ? That can wait though . I'M STILL EXCITED!
I then opened my bag of swimmers and decided to go with this Mint top & Matching shorts. Skylar chose her purple set ( typical Skylar 😂 ). We were the type of girls who felt pretty exposed if we didn't wear sets to the beach. But we still looked pretty good 💁.
We both headed downstairs where all the guys were waiting. "Ready?" Paulie screamed in a high-pitched tone. "YES!" replied Skylar & I in union. "Stop!" Solo quickly yelled.
We all shot our eyes back at Solo and sang " Wait a minute, Fill my Cup , Put some Liquor in it !" ( Quoted by the song: 'Uptown Funk' )
We all laughed as Solo grabbed his sun hat , he surely had swag 😎.

We all headed towards the car. We had an 8 seated car. So we were all able to fit, but Skylar & I sat way at the back . Solo was driving slowly so Paulie turned the radio on. We suddenly heard a familiar start of a song.... " OMG I LOVEEEE THIS SONG!" Skylar shouted excitedly.
Rise & Fall was a new single that Justice Crew recently released, Skylar loved it to death & obviously I did too.
We then arrived at the beach and got all out stuff out. Lenny found the perfect spot for all of us to hang around.
I was sitting on my beach towel watching Lenny, Paulie, Luckas, Samspon & Skylar all having a water fight in the sea. It was really entertaining ! Lenny then came into shore but stayed close to the water fight, since the weather was so hot.
Solo had his sun hat over his face while he was sun bathing ... he looked sooooo funny !
I then looked towards the others who was having the water fight, then I noticed Lenny smiling at me . I smiled back cheerfully and starting to blush , my face always turns into a tomato face when I blush. Why was he SOO perfect 😍. Oh no you can't fall for him , he might not like you back. But it's too late now , I've already fallen...

I decided to go for a swim, so I stood up and walked towards the sea letting the water brush against my feet.
I looked over only to see John walking towards me. "you alright there?" he asked. "yeh I'm grand" I replied with a smile. "good ... good" he said.
John started walking closer to me , he suddenly grabbed my hands which startled me. He looked me in the eyes then pushed his lips to mine. His lips were soft but it didn't feel right. I didn't like John this way, he's just a good friend . He then pulled away and said " Annabeth , I really like you so I wanted to ask if you would go out with me?". I was literally too shocked to reply him. Then Lenny started to walk over to us . I didn't feel comfortable with John anymore , it's not that I felt forced but it didn't feel right to go out with him.


( a rephrase from his POV:Past Tense)
Johns POV

Annabeth started to walk towards the water . This was finally my chance , I wanted her to be mine so badly. I then started to walk towards her , I quickly shot a glance at Lenny who looked at me with a confused face.
His face will be priceless once Annabeth agrees to be my girlfriend. "you alright there?" I asked her. "yeh I'm grand" , she said.
"Good ... good " I replied. I then grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes . I leaned in and kissed her.
After a few seconds I pulled away and said " Annabeth, I really like you and wanted to know if you would go out with me?" I said proudly. I noticed Lenny started to walk towards us , I think he finally knows why I smirked at him. I'm now waiting for Annabeth to answer .... but , wait....... why is she hesitating?


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