Chapter 15- The unexpected relationship

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-~Lenny's POV~-

I totally DID NOT expect this at all ! I literally was confused & surprised , so I turned to Annabeth. She was as shocked as me . It was pretty funny that no one in the house noticed that we were back.
We both slowly walked into the living room with everyone on the couch just chilling. What we were surprised to see was that Paulie's arm was around Skylar's shoulder. Skylar was slightly leaning on his shoulder. Everyone was acting like nothing happened . I looked at Annabeth who had a sly smirk on her face. We definitely needed answers now.

-~Annabeth's POV~-

Oh my gosh !!!!! AHHHHHH !!!!
Are they finally together , this is the moment I've been waiting for my entire life !! Len & I wanted to scare everyone , ( since everyone was on the couches & they were focused on the TV ). They were watching Unfriended , this was our chance . I slowly crawled my way to the right side of the couch while Len was crawling towards the left couch. We both looked at each other and slowly nodded , I signalled with my hands 3, 2, 1....

We both full on screamed at the top of our lungs during a very sudden & tense scene on the TV. Paulie and Skylar screamed very high pitched , I started laughing uncontrollably .

Len scared the rest of the boys , Luckas ended up slapping John & Solo by accident thinking it was them. But there was one guy who didn't react , Len asked " Sampson ? " . He didn't reply , it took us long to realise he was on his headphones listening to like a remix .
John finally broke the silence and shouted " SAMPSON !! CAN U HEAR MEEEEEE ???!!!! " , He took off his headphones and asked
" what happened ?" . We all just stared at him for a long time ..... he then asked " did I miss out on something ?". We all ended up cracking up since he had no idea what happened .


I then finally looked at Skykar & Paulie and said " u guys surely look comfy eh ?" . They finally realised that Len & I saw them from afar . Len then asked " So Paulie .... r u no longer single ?" , Paulies eyes then turned towards Skylar as her face reddened like a Tomato. I felt myself smirk at both of them , I could just read Skylar's expressions ' HAHA VERY FUNNY ' . What would I do without her ?

Skylar then realised I wanted to tell her something , but she knew I wanted to talk to her privately . So she just said to Paulie " I'm gonna go ask Annabeth where they went ". Paulie nodded in response.
We both went upstairs to my room and slightly left the door open , in case anyone came upstarts without knowing we were talking .

"So what's up ?" asked Skylar. I took a really deep breath and said really fast "ireallywannatelllenandtheboysaboutwhathappenedbetweenmeanddimitributineedypurhelpijustdontknowhowtosayitcozitalwaysgetstomewhevwneberitalkaboutit. "
Skylar just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language and said "speak more slower , I can't understand ?" .

I sighed and found my words and said " I really wanna tell Len & the boys about what happened between me & Dimitri , but I need your help. I just don't know how to say it coz it always gets to me whenever I talk about it . "
Skylar just hugged me and said " its okay we can get through it ."


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