Chapter 13- Fist Fight

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-~Skylar's POV~- (past & now)

Everyone was utterly in shock. I was sitting next to Paulie . Paulie could tell that Lenny tensed up and was ready to punch John. But I know Paulie wouldn't want to hurt anyone, but he wanted to make sure no one got into a fight. Moments past by as we all saw Lenny grabbed Annabeth without hesitation and head for the door. Moments passed by as they were gone, just like that *click*.
"Why would you do that!" a voice said aloud , which was obviously meant for John. everyone turned towards my direction , but I knew it wasn't me .
I then turned my head to the right. We all realised that voice belonged to Paulie. "I .... I don't-" he was cut off .
"Answer my question why the heck would u do that !" shouted Paulie. John relied " I said I don't know! okay I .... I wasn't thinking !' . So many eyes kept looking back & forth from Paulie to John. I didn't want them arguing though , I also knew Annabeth would want them to fight . "GUYS!" I basically shouted at the top of my lungs. Everyone's eyes were on me. I then looked at John & Paulie, I said     " Please  .... Stop arguing . Neither Lenny or Annabeth would want this to happen . Just make sure you apologise to both of them and make sure you mean it okay John?". He then looked down and slowly nodded his head and said in a solemn voice "okay , I will".

To be honest I was pretty impressed with myself . I stopped two guys from having a fight , we just need to wait for Len & Annabeth to come home. I then suggested "maybe I should call them?", Paulie then put his arm around me and whispered " its okay , they should be back soon ". OH MY GOSH I WAS  LIKE FANGIRLING AHHH !!!!! His arm was still on my shoulder .... 😏 I hope Len & Annabeth don't come back too soon.


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