Chapter 5- He likes me not ?

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John's POV
We are just finishing dinner now. Annabeth is an amazing girl , she's natural ... I like that in a girl. Although I've had previous relationships with girls who were way different to her , she seemed ... quite unique ?
I think I'm developing a crush on her . But I wonder if she's attracted to anyone in the crew ? What if it's me ?
I've practically been staring at her the whole time! Although Lenny keeps giving me the evils , I mean what's his problem ?!

Lenny's POV
During dinner I noticed something that was incredibly & EXTREMELY DISTURBING . John was literally staring at Annabeth the whole time ! John always gets the girls with his so called 'charms' ... I'm so irritated by him. He gets the type of girls who care about their boyfriend like ALOT. I have a grudge against him. Even though this event happened 2 years ago I remember it all crystal clear.

I had the best girlfriend ever ! Or so I thought, we were meant to go on a date on day. But she said she already had plans with her friends, so I wanted to get a drink with John . I went to get a drink only to see my girl friend flirting with John. He didn't know that we were dating , so technically it wasn't his fault. But I still remember the pain . ( End of flashback )

Not jut one night stand, I realised I really liked Annabeth. "Right Lenny & John you'll spend night time in Annabeth's room along with her friend, Skylar whose coming over soon" her mum said.
"Yep" we all replied . Annabeth is the girl I've been waiting for all my life, I won't want John to ruin it for me. I will fight for her.


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