Chapter 19- Siblings just complicate

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-~Lenny's POV~-

For some weird reason I was started to feel a bit anxious. Here I was walking over to John , wanting to talk to him. But I was worried if I would scare him off or if he gets all defensive.

I don't want to have another fight of argument with him ever again.

So I just wanna get things straight with him , without trying to get into a fight or argument. *sigh* this is a terrible mess.
Oh my gosh , I'm actually getting like really really really nervous right now ! All of a sudden I was taken a back to the past , why am I always getting these flashbacks.


Yay !!! John your back from high schholl !
He chuckled and replied " its called high school Len , not high schholl ."

"Ohhhhh .... okayy " , Lenny replied with a wide grin. "So can we play with the new bubble set I got ! It's wreellyy coolly ! "

"Oh Len , I've got so much homeowner to do . Can't we play another day or on the weekend ?" John asked.

"Neverrrrrr ! Pwease John pweettyyy Pwease ?" Len asked while making a cute face.

"Ohhhh fineeeeeeee... Just for today okay Len . " John stated .

"Yay!!! Thanks John your the best brother in the world".

End of Flashback
(Ik Len & John r twins but lets just say they are twins but johns like 2 yrs older than him ... does that make sense ? sorry if it doesn't , hehe I'm messed up ).


This is sooo weird ! What's with this flashback ? I can hardly remember it . But now I was only about 2 metres away from John.
I took a deep breath and said in my mind , 'Its now or never Len'.

"John , can I um please speak to you?" I asked as normal as I could .

He replied "Ummm what do you think we're doing now ? Ice skating ?"

I rolled my eyes and said more sternly "I need to speak with you privately now".

Someone flicked in John. He suddenly acted so obedient . He nodded and walked into the next room at a fast pace. I followed after him at a moderate speed.

Before I could speak he just fell to the ground on his knees.
My eyes shot wide open as I ran to his side asking what's wrong ???? John what's wrong are you hurt ?! "

He slowly looked up and he was crying , tears were rolling down his cheeks as I was stunned and confused . I haven't seen him cry since his ex-gf dumped him for se other random guy.

He then said with a solemn voice "Lenny I'm so sorry ! I hurt you so badly , I never wanted this to happen. I was just jealous that she liked you and not me.
I now know how much you care for each other , and I just want her to be happy as well as you. So please forgive me Len ?"

I just stood there shocked and stunned as a reaction from what he just said. I just leaped forward and embraced his for a hug.
He then hugged me back while he kept sniffling .
I looked him in the eye and said " John , it's okay I'm fine. I probably would've done the same thing if I were that jealous of someone.

I forgive you .

You've always been helping me during my life , while growing up. I can even help you find the right girl , one that can care for you and always help you. Most importantly that she loves you for what you are .

He nodded slowly . I then broke the silence after a few minutes saying "now can you try to look at least a bit happy now ?". He managed to pull a small smile for me which made me grin.

He then said excitedly " You still have the same grin as you had when you were younger !"

We both laughed and decided it was the right time to go back to the TV room. Everyone must've been wondering what's up with us.


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